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The enviable overseas hardline SUV has outstanding performance and affordable price, which will be popular in China

2021-08-27 22:40:25 Zhong Shujia Road

Many male friends like SUVs very much , But many times because the price is more expensive , But there is no choice , In fact, some off-road models are really nice and inexpensive , However, some did not enter the domestic market , It's a pity , Let's take a look at these cars today , If you can enter the country , I believe it will become a hot money .

ford Bronco

The first is ford Bronco, Ford is really strong in the design and production of off-road vehicles and pickup trucks , Many friends are interested in Ford Bronco Don't understand , It actually has a history of many years , It's a classic off-road vehicle , The round design of the car's headlights is bright , And the roof is a removable design , It's very spiritual , It's a big pickup when you remove it , It'll be great to drive completely open , The installation is very special when needed .

And Ford Bronco And a spare tire , It's very cross-country , The configuration in the car is also very tough , There is also a large central control screen , Modern and technological . The car is equipped with 2.3T The engine has 273 Horsepower output , The maximum torque is 420 torque , So the performance is awesome enough .

Toyota 4RUNNER( Superba )

Toyota 4RUNNER This car is called Superman , Positioning is medium and large SUV, In fact, it's the same as cruiser or Prado positioning , It is mainly popular in the North American market , Later, it began to launch PRO models , The main thing is to be a tough guy, cross-country style , Its design is not very fancy , Focus on strength , All parts are mainly tough , Naturally, the power is not inferior , Now the new car is equipped with 4.0L Of V6 The engine , The car has reached 270 Horsepower output and 384 Nm torque , So its off-road performance is definitely the first .

Suzuki jimni

Suzuki jimni is also a classic hardline off-road vehicle , Before, many people thought it might enter the domestic market , But still not , Its price is not high , Is to build an entry-level off-road vehicle , And the design is really good , Fangzheng's off-road style , It's very friendly to some friends who like off-road on weekends , And the price is not high , Coupled with strong off-road ability , There is a certain market . The five hole grille also has a round headlight, a square roof and a thick wheel hub , The design of the car uses a lot of horizontal and vertical lines , It gives people the feeling of being a tough cross-country man .

nissan Pathfinder

There is also a Nissan Pathfinder, It's also an off-road windmill , Few friends know , In fact, it is close to Pajero's positioning , Have a fashionable appearance , But he's a tough guy inside , Some people looked at it and felt that the appearance was a little similar to that of Tule , But if you look at it carefully, you will find that its lines have a lot of muscle feeling , Every aspect of the car's power performance is also very outstanding , Carrying 3.5L Of V6 The engine , Yes 288 Horsepower output and 351 Nm torque , It is also a rare fashion off-road vehicle .

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