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The "little brother" of Ares GTR, Nissan's new Z series is very attractive, and the fans are blessed

2021-08-27 22:40:32 Zhong Shujia Road

Many people talk about Japanese high-performance sports cars , May think of GTR, Because its strength is really strong , At the beginning of the movie D There are also GTR The figure of , It can be seen that its performance and strength are indeed one head higher than ordinary high-performance vehicles , And this is a threshold and standard , However, many friends feel that its price is still relatively high , In fact, there were Nissan Z It's a good collection , for example 370Z Once it was very popular because the price was close to the people .

Then Nissan will Z After the series is updated , Not used 400Z Such a name , But simplified , It's called Z, It's simpler , It has been used. VQ30DDTT The engine , Reached 400hp horsepower 、298kw Output , It's still very powerful , Maximum torque is reached 475 Cattle meters , The car chose a turbocharged engine , And the car has a limited slip differential , And the car has a rear drive and 3.0T power , There are hand brake and so on , These are good news for friends who like to play drift .

Many people see new Z It feels like a concept car , This is also an innovation in design , Appearance: there is a small tail at the rear of the car, which is very special , However, many netizens make complaints about the design of their headlights , If the size is larger, it will look more domineering . But the body and rear design are very good , It gives people a strong sense of high performance , and 300ZX There are many similarities , The tail wing and other positions are fine tuned .

The interior is brand new Z Well done , Emphasize sports elements inside , After all, this is a high-performance car , The seat style of barrel design , The instrument panel also displays turbine pressure, turbine speed and other data , You can also use a three ring voltmeter and so on , The car can also see the oil temperature and other data , The content display is very comprehensive , Is to provide high-performance driving enthusiasts with perfect driving information .

Compared with some family cars, there may be less on-board app application , However, its positioning is to drift high-performance vehicles , What stands out is the driving performance of the car , So this is also acceptable , Because there is a lot of information to be displayed in the car , So the dashboard in the car is still relatively compact , Maybe some novices will feel a little confused when they drive this car , But it's really good , It's a rare good car .

Many friends like this one very much Z Series new car , In fact, Nissan Z The series is still very classic , Many models have achieved good sales , For brand new Z We hope the price will be more generous , If you can successfully enter the domestic market , There are still some people who love a good car and turn their heart into action .

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