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The super plan from Bugatti, bolide with a limited production of 40 units, will be available in 2024

2021-08-27 22:40:35 Zhong Shujia Road

Bugatti has brought many surprises to many car lovers , Now it is still changing many people's old ideas , I met you before Bolide It surprised many people , It was possible to build such a racing car , Stunning design , This concept car has aroused a lot of people's buying impulse , For many super rich, such a cool car is the best gift , However, its future production may be limited , It is understood that it may be in 40 platform , It's also good for Bugatti , Can appropriately raise the price , Only a limited amount can have a high price .

The machine Bolide It should be a non certified car , The price may be 400 About ten thousand euros , But because of its extraordinary design and performance , There is still a certain demand , Don't worry about customer problems , After all, there are too many rich people in the world , The machine Bolide The performance is also first-class , It carries W16 The engine ,8.0L The displacement , To use 110 Fuel oil No , The power can reach 1850 horsepower , It's scary to think about it , The torque of the car is 1850 Cattle meters , And the weight of the body is only 1240kg.

Maybe many friends feel Bolide Such a powerful car , The weight should be 1.5 tons , But its extreme design does reduce the body weight , Make it very light , Coupled with excellent aerodynamic design , So that it can get a strong acceleration ability .

The machine Bolide Will achieve a hundred kilometers 2.17 Second acceleration , It only takes... To accelerate to 200 kilometers 4.36 second , The acceleration limit can experience 2.8G A sense of acceleration , This is its strength , Because of the outstanding aerodynamic design , Can make this car reach 2600kg Under pressure , This is more than twice the weight of the car body , The lap speed in New York North is 5 branch 23 Second results , Enough to show its strength , So this is a very fast car , Of course, this can only be experienced on the track , It's hard to do so well on the ordinary road .

Bugatti made Bolide Mass production vehicle , In the future, only 98 Number of gasoline , avoid 110 No. 1 flammable gasoline , Also for the safety of mass production and sales , use 98 Number of gasoline , Power has 1600 Horsepower and 1600 Cattle meters , The power is somewhat reduced , But the performance is still very violent , Because some fire extinguishing systems and other safety accessories are added , The weight of the car will reach... In mass production 1450kg, But it's not heavy for such a violent super run . A lot of super cars are looking forward to it , It is understood that it will be in 2024 Meet the market in mass production , However, it is hard to say whether the pure electric sports car will surpass it in the future .

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