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It breaks 100 in 1.9 seconds and can seat 4 people. Konisek, the strongest plug-in hybrid super run, is about to be mass produced

2021-08-27 22:47:26 Zhong Shujia Road

Mention the super run brand , Who is the first name that comes to mind ? ferrari , Mclaren , lamborghini , Or Bugatti ? As a super running brand from Sweden , Konisek is young , But its popularity is definitely not worth .

last year 11 month 30 Japan , Konisek's first four seat plug-in super run Gemera Debut in China . The global set limit to 300 car , A new car 130 Thousands of euros ( renminbi 1016 Ten thousand yuan ) Starting at . According to the latest news from foreign media , This super run is planned for 2023 Year of production .

Unlike most super runs today , Konisek Gemera Positioned as a four seater super Mega-GT The sports car , Can accommodate four adults . According to the designer , This super run not only focuses on high performance , It also focuses on home elements . While providing comfortable driving space , There is also enough luggage space . But for consumers at this price , Space availability is no longer the main purchase point they consider .

There is a huge air inlet in the front face , In the middle is the obvious Shield logo . Used on both sides LED Matrix headlamp light source , After lighting up, the eyes become narrower and longer . The iconic rotorcraft door is matched with the hidden door A column , Plus the exhaust pipe design with the tail facing upward , And the windshield of a jet fighter , Exaggeration looks like it's not easy to mess with . The whole body is made of carbon fiber material , Weight only 1850kg.

The interior is also a yellow black color contrast design with full visual impact , Eye catching colors instantly stimulate driving desire . Equipped with suspended HD touch screen , Cooperate with full LCD instrument panel , There are also two rear view LCD screens , Technology is full of flavor . There is no traditional stopper and various operating levers , Various operations are integrated into the steering wheel , It looks simple without losing the sense of Technology .

Performance ,Gemera Is the “ metamorphosis ”. Use the mid engine layout , The power system consists of one 2.0T Twin turbine three cylinder engine +3 It consists of two motors , The most powerful 1700 horsepower (1250 kw ), Peak torque 3500 cattle · rice , It takes only 100 kilometers to accelerate 1.9S.

Yes, of course , As an environmental super car , Its endurance performance is also good . Pure electric range can reach 50km, The total mileage of full fuel and full power can reach 1000km. most important of all , It not only supports regular gasoline , It can also burn any renewable fuel , Like ethanol 、 Carbon dioxide, neutral methanol . As a history, less than 30 The brand of , Konisek's exploration of electrification also opens up more possibilities in the future .

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