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Which is the most expensive new energy subsidy in the world?

2021-08-27 22:47:30 Zhong Shujia Road

In order to further stimulate the development of new energy market , Government subsidies have become the standard configuration for countries to promote the development of electric vehicles . China is one of the markets that launched the subsidy policy earlier , Nowadays, with the continuous development of the industry , Subsidies are starting to fall , From policy driven to market driven .

The amount of subsidy for domestic pure electric vehicles has also changed from the first one 12 Ten thousand subsidies , Now it has become the highest 1.8 Ten thousand yuan , Some models with low mileage have even cancelled subsidies .

But in other accelerating new energy markets , Subsidies are being strengthened .

according to EV Sales released 2020 Global new energy vehicle sales data show , The cumulative sales volume in the Chinese market is 127.19 Thousands of cars , Proportion 40.7%; The cumulative sales volume in the European market is 136.71 Thousands of cars , Proportion 43.8%, The European market has surpassed China to become 2020 The largest market of new energy passenger vehicles in .

A new round of financial subsidies from European countries is also continuing to export .2020 year 5 month 26 Japan , France announced its contribution to 80 Billion euros to revive the auto industry , Individuals who buy electric cars can get up to 7000 Euro subsidy , If it is a waste diesel vehicle, replace it , You can also get extra per car 5000 Euro scrap subsidy , Cumulative 12000 euro , Renminbi conversion 9 Thousands of multivariate .

Same year 6 month , Germany passed 1300 Euro billion European recovery plan , Grant money 500 Billion euros to promote the development of electric vehicles and set up more charging piles . Consumers can buy electric vehicles according to different models and prices , get 5000 To 9000 Subsidies ranging from euros , It's about to be converted into RMB 3.7 Wan to 6.8 Ten thousand yuan .

Britain comes from 2021 year 3 month 18 The date of , Subsidy reduction 500 Pound and raise the threshold ; The subsidy for car purchase can be up to 2500 pound .

In Italy , The maximum subsidy for pure electric vehicles can reach 8000 euro , About us 6 RMB 10,000 yuan . The maximum subsidy for plug-in hybrid cars is 4500 euro , About us 3.4 RMB 10,000 yuan .

Last week, , Russia announced from 2022 A quarter of the price of each domestic electric vehicle will be subsidized from , Up to 625000 Rouble , renminbi 5.5 Ten thousand yuan .

The United States holding Tesla, the global electric leader , Also began to increase investment in electric vehicles . from 2021 year 3 Month begins , Biden government has issued a number of policies to support new energy vehicles , About to open “ The era of big subsidies ”. In its published 2.3 trillion-dollar “ The package ” in , contains “1740 Billion dollars ” Electric vehicle support program .

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