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E-driver's license will be fully implemented in 2022. Do you know how to apply?

2021-08-27 22:47:33 Zhong Shujia Road

2020 An epidemic in , Constantly testing all walks of life , It also virtually improves the service level of national departments . Electronic driver's license is one of them .

As the Ministry of public security “ The pipes suit ” An important measure of reform , Since this year, 6 month 1 In Tianjin 、 Chengdu 、 Since Suzhou launched the pilot electronization of driver's license , existing 195 More than ten thousand people have applied for electronic driving licenses . The pilot project will be expanded in the second half of this year , 2022 In, it was fully implemented .

The continuous development of science and Technology , It provides a strong support for the electronization of certificates . Based on huge data advantages , And the rapid development of cloud computing technology in recent years , Further promote the construction of electronic certificate database , Make the advantages of electronic documents quickly show . With the advantages of safety, reliability and convenience , Electronic driver's license also brings more convenience to people's daily travel .

How to get it ? You can log in. “ Traffic management 12123”App Personal account number , Click on 《 Electronic version of driver's license 》 Apply for my electronic driver's license .

One thing to note is , In restricted detention 、 Withhold 、 Overdue physical examination 、 Overdue non verification 、 Those who announce that they can't be used, such as stopping use, can't get it .

The style of electronic driver's license is unified nationwide , It has the same legal effect as the paper driver's license , Applicable to law enforcement management 、 Public services and other scenarios , The driver can present the electronic driver's license for vehicle management 、 Deal with traffic violations 、 Deal with traffic accidents and other businesses .

People are worried about safety , Electronic driver's license adopts digital signature anti-counterfeiting technology , True and unique 、 Safe and reliable . And it is based on the national public security traffic control electronic license system , After receiving it on your mobile phone , Whether it's inquiry or presentation , It's very convenient .

From what the report shows , The electronic driver's license directly shows the driver's permitted driving model 、 Cumulative score 、 Specific information such as the date of initial license acquisition . Scan the real-time QR code and bar code information below , The traffic police can quickly confirm their identity .

It's not just an electronic driver's license , With the deepening of the digital age , We used to be familiar with many paper documents , Are moving towards electronic versions . Like social security cards , And electronic train tickets for our daily travel , Electronic pass, etc . Compared with physical documents , They are easier to keep , Don't worry about losing . Their emergence , It not only improves the travel efficiency , It also reduces waste .

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