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The endurance is expected to reach 483 kilometers. The first pure electric SUV of "Lexus" in South Korea is coming

2021-08-27 22:47:36 Zhong Shujia Road

Under the wave of electric transformation , The layout of car enterprises is just a matter of time . Janice Seth (Genesis) Is such a player who arrives late . In recent days, , Guinness Seth officially released its first pure electric SUV—— Janice Seth  GV60 The official figure . The new car is based on Hyundai Group's E-GMP The platform was built , The comprehensive range may exceed 483km.

Before introducing the new car , Let's talk about the brand of Guinness Seth first . It was first a high-end luxury car under Hyundai brand , Just like the crown for Toyota , Acura for Honda .2015 After becoming an independent luxury brand at the end of the year , It has become the Korean version of “ lexus ”.

It was imported into China under the name of Gaines , But then it was launched into the Chinese market due to poor sales , This year, 4 After changing its name to Denise in June , Return home . There are G80 and GV80 Two models are on sale .

As the brand's first product to move towards electrification ,GV60 Is expected to be in 2022 It was officially unveiled and listed overseas . The specific time of introduction into China is not clear .

The appearance design of the new car continues the family design language , Dynamic and smooth lines create , Make the whole vehicle look elegant and dynamic . The front face does not adopt the standard closed grille design of electric vehicles , Instead, a large-area shield grid is designed under the front of the car , With split headlamp , It looks more sharp .

Locate a crossover vehicle ,GV60 With slender front lines and sliding back , With the unique five wheel hub , And wide and thick front and rear wheel eyebrows and side skirts , Make the new car look full . The tail is also a split structure echoing the front face , Very discerning .

Come to the interior part , While maintaining the luxury standard of the new car , A strong sense of Technology . You can see that the new car not only uses blue and brown color contrast design , Elegant and calm , The large blue leather package makes it look very advanced .

meanwhile , Large area sewing process , Panel decoration with special texture , Crystal ball shift , Special round door panel , Clasp and other elements also bring a good sense of grade .

Sense of Technology , It can be seen that the new car uses a double suspension large-size LCD design . In addition, the new car will also use digital rearview mirrors , Project the outer image onto the inner A Column screen .

As for the concerned endurance , At present, the relevant parameters have not been officially announced . But with the same modern technology that gave birth to this platform IONIQ 5 And Kia EV6 As a reference ,GV60 May offer 58.0 To 77.4 KWh battery pack ,WLTP Endurance can reach 483 km (WLTP working condition ).

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