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BYD DM-I sells well, plug-in hybrid returns to the mainstream?

2021-08-27 22:47:41 Zhong Shujia Road

Plug in hybrid , Isn't it a transitional product of new energy vehicles ?

2018 year , Plug in the hybrid motor 27.1 The sales volume of 10000 vehicles is at the peak , The next year it fell sharply to 23.2 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 14.5%. There is no reason for it , Here comes the pure electric car , And become the absolute mainstream of the new energy vehicle market .

In that case , Who will bet on plug-in hybrid . There are such people .

2020 year , Total sales of plug-in hybrid models throughout the year 25.1 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 8.4%. The fact proved that , Plug in hybrid models still have unique charm and significance . among , BMW 5 system PHEV Harvest in China 23433 Results of , It has injected new growth power into brilliance BMW .

BYD , Layout at the same time EV and PHEV The development route of dual technology , Get into 2021 Years later, the sales volume reached new highs .2021 year 7 month , BYD's sales of new energy passenger vehicles soared year-on-year 262.7%, reach 50057 car , It has created an all-time high in the monthly sales of new energy passenger vehicles in China .

among , BYD DM Model sales 25061 car , Drive the sales volume of plug-in hybrid models in China to rise month on month 15.8%, The growth rate is much higher than that of pure electricity in the same period 2.9%. Is the spring of plug-in hybrid models coming ?

DM-i Born in the sky , Sales continued to soar

According to the ride Association 4 Monthly data , Among the car enterprises with wholesale sales of more than 10000 vehicles , BYD also ranked third , And then 5-7 month , But it rose to 32131 car 、40532 car ( rank first ) and 50387 car ( rank first ).

Except for biadihan EV Hot sale of , The qin dynasty PLUS DM-i Vehicle type 3 It went public in January and quickly became popular , It has also become the main driving force for BYD's sales growth . stay 7 In January, the sales volume of new energy passenger vehicles was on the list , The qin dynasty PLUS DM-i With 9127 The car won the second place , Second only to Hongguang MINI.

in addition , BYD 7 New energy vehicles in June 50387 In car sales ,DM models 、EV The sales volume of the models are 25061 Vehicles and 24996 car , Almost flat . Take BYD's data in the same period last year as a reference , at that time DM The model is just EV Models of 1/3. It means DM-i Super hybrid has been fully recognized by consumers .

No range anxiety , Than EV The model has better convenience , And most cities can get new energy licenses , This is what most consumers choose DM One of the reasons for the model . stay EV It is difficult to make a breakthrough in vehicle range 、 Charging infrastructure needs to be improved today , It's really a good choice .

The driving experience cannot be ignored

Some people may think , Consumers who buy plug-in hybrid models actually go for new energy licenses , Once there is no such policy support , It will soon decline . Plug in hybrid models no longer enjoy the new energy policy in Beijing for a long time , Shanghai 2023 Since, the purchase of plug-in hybrid models will no longer give green cards , But this does not completely rule out certain local protectionism .

Beijing 、 The tightening of policies on plug-in hybrid models in Shanghai and Shanghai , Coupled with the reduction of subsidies for plug-in hybrid models , Most people think that plug-in hybrid models cannot become the mainstream consumer market . Actually , To Qin PLUS DM-i From the perspective of consumer population structure , The proportion of first tier cities is only 17.74%.

in addition , The qin dynasty PLUS DM-i It has entered the price range of mainstream joint venture compact cars , Face Xuanyi directly 、 lavida 、 Corolla and other competing models . That means , The green card is for many buyers DM Models may not be important to consumers , The excellent driving experience and excellent fuel economy brought by plug-in hybrid models are what they value .

100km acceleration 7.9s, Fuel consumption per 100 km at the lowest state of charge 3.8L,NEDC Comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km 1.2L, There are few competitors in the same price models . Stronger power experience , Lower vehicle costs , More comfortable driving experience , These are Qin PLUS DM-i The advantage of being able to stand out in the compact car with a forest of experts .

Plug in and mix , Or a sharp weapon for energy conservation and emission reduction

It's not hard to see. , Even in daily use, only refuel without charging , The qin dynasty PLUS DM-i My performance is also quite excellent . There may not be a shortage of plug-in hybrid models on the market , But it lacks something like BYD DM-i Such an excellent plug-in hybrid solution . stay “ The coffee act ” And the general trend of energy conservation and emission reduction , This is also a technology worth learning and promoting by other car enterprises .

According to the 《 Evaluation method and index of fuel consumption of passenger cars 》 content , Expect to 2025 year , The average fuel consumption of new passenger cars shall be 4L/100km about . According to the State Council 《 New energy automobile industry development plan (2021-2035 year )》 Show , To 2025 year , The sales volume of new energy vehicles has reached the total sales volume of new cars 20% about .

Predictably, , For a long time to come , Traditional fuel vehicles will still dominate . But under the strict double score policy , How to reduce the average fuel consumption standard of new cars , Three cylinder machine 、HEV still PHEV?

HEV Although the technology has a significant improvement in reducing fuel consumption , However, due to the existence of technical barriers , Independent brands are difficult to involve . Low cost + Energy conservation and emissions reduction + Although fuel saving is a recognized advantage of three cylinder engine , But yinglang still proved with dismal market performance , At present, this road is not feasible . So , Plug in hybrid technology has good potential , And Qin PLUS DM-i Also use sales to prove its charm .

At the carbon peak 、 In the strategic context of carbon neutralization , Geely's second generation hybrid system GHS2.0 Soon to launch , The fuel saving rate can reach 35% To 40%; Great Wall Motors makes great efforts to develop new energy , Lift the lemon hybrid DHT technology , That's included HEV as well as PHEV framework .

Zhong Shu

Head independent brands have been laid out , Plus BYD DM The increasing sales of models , It's not hard to see. , The future plug-in hybrid market will not be too bad . Like Hongguang MINI Like the whole mini car market , With BYD DM A big sale of models , It is already a high probability event for other car companies to follow suit and make a layout . Once the number of car companies entering the Bureau continues to increase , After large-scale , Plug in hybrid is still likely to become one of the mainstream market segments .

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