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Or push three versions of the new BMW 5 series will completely change

2021-08-27 22:55:32 Aika automobile

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Beijing time. 8 month 23 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , The seventh generation BMW 5 Department will be in 2023 Exit the market in the middle of the year , As part of BMW's transformation to electric vehicles , Its successor models will include ICE、PHEV and EV Three versions , And make radical changes in technology and style , In order to compete with Mercedes Benz E Level to compete across the board .

according to the understanding of , The next generation 5 The system will adopt the improved modular cluster architecture (CLAR), It has a sharper front face design and smoother roof line .CLAR The platform is compatible with pure internal combustion engine 、 Mild hybrid 、 Plug in hybrid and all electric drive system , And the layout of rear wheel and all wheel drive , Consolidate BMW's portfolio diversification strategy before moving towards all electric .

5 The series will be BMW in 2025 Began its electric transformation in “ The third stage ” One of the last new models launched before . go by the name of “Neue Klasse” The new stage of will usher in a new generation of electric vehicle power system , Enhance BMW's focus on Supply Chain Sustainability , And introduce a new software platform , Aims to provide “ New user experience ”. So , The next generation 5 The system will retain the turbocharged four cylinder and six cylinder gasoline and diesel engines of existing vehicles to a great extent , As well as 2.0 L or 3.0 More options for plug-in hybrid systems centered on L gasoline combustion .

Edit comment on : Cash BMW 5 The series is one of the most important products in the BMW family , BMW 5 Series plug-in hybrid is also impressive . BMW's next generation 5 The new pure electric version will bring consumers a new experience , New car forecast 2022 Released in .

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The new BMW 5 It's the latest spy photo To be converted into 4 Fasten your front face ?

The new BMW 5 Is the exposure of the rendered image Is expected to be 2023 Annual appearance

The new BMW 5 It's a spy photo exposure Push fuel / hybrid / Pure electricity


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