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2023 Range Rover spy exposure front new design

2021-08-27 22:55:35 Aika automobile

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Beijing time. 8 month 23 Daily news , According to foreign media reports ,2023 The latest spy photos of a range rover have been exposed , This time, it is obvious that the camouflage degree of the vehicle has been reduced .

Just a few days ago , All new range rover Sport SVR For the first time , Thanks to the distinctive huge brake disc and four exhaust pipes , The recognition of the car is very high . At the moment , Land Rover's testing of conventional range rover models has also begun to be put on the agenda . It is worth mentioning that , Land Rover has been on the flagship for more than a year SUV—— Range Rover launches R & D evaluation , So this exposure 2023 This range rover may amaze people after taking off its disguise .

It's not just the range rover , Land Rover has always done a very good job in keeping the new car secret . It was photographed this time 2023 The camouflage of the range rover prototype has decreased , Especially in the front part , Thus, the outside world can redesign the bumper of the vehicle ( A lower 、 Wider air intake grille ) With a more intuitive understanding . The air intake grille above the front bumper adopts a new mesh shape , In addition, the car also uses the pop-up door handle on the star pulse model in the door position . besides , The camouflage has faded , The shape of the whole vehicle is also more intuitive .

Although the interior of the all-new range rover was not photographed this time , But the spy photos exposed earlier have confirmed that the new car will be equipped with more high-tech configurations in the cockpit , For example, a large touch screen and a fully digital dashboard .

It's worth noting that , The obvious yellow sticker on the rear part and the description of the charging interface on the rear fender , What was photographed this time is a plug-in hybrid range rover .

Previously, the plug-in hybrid version of Range Rover has been released from Land Rover 2022 Removed from the lineup of American models .2021 The range rover plug-in hybrid version is equipped with an electrified 2.0L Turbocharged in-line four cylinder engine , Maximum power up to 398 horsepower , Peak torque reached 472Nm.

The above power configuration makes the pure electric endurance of the vehicle up to 19 miles , However, it is expected that the power and endurance of the new model will be slightly improved .

According to a source ,2023 The top model of Range Rover Sport SVR The twin turbocharging provided by BMW will be used V8 Engine replacement cash 5.0L high power V8 The engine .

Edit comment on : The new range rover is expected to debut later this year , On 2023 Sales opened during the year . If we follow this timetable , Then it can be expected that the new range rover will completely take off its disguise in the near future .

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