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Jaguar Land Rover Chengdu auto show lineup guard mysterious car starts

2021-08-27 22:55:39 Aika automobile

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Jaguar Land Rover officials recently announced , stay 8 month 29 The opening day of 2021 Chengdu auto show , New Jaguar F-TYPE Will be officially listed . Besides , New members of the defender family and Range Rover family will also appear at the Chengdu auto show .

New Jaguar F-TYPE

New Jaguar F-TYPE The official map has been released before , The overall design of the new car basically continues the current model , Hardtop and convertible models are still available , And provide 11 Body colors .

interiors , The overall design of the new car also continues the current model , The addition of large central control screen and full LCD instrument improves the sense of science and technology of the interior , The three spoke steering wheel with shift paddles further improves the sportiness of the interior . configuration , The new car will be equipped with six way electric seats 、 Power folding and heating of exterior rearview mirror , Active exhaust system, etc .

motivation , It is expected that the new car will be consistent with the current model , Keep carrying 2.0T and 3.0T Two engines , The maximum power is respectively 221kW(300 horsepower ) and 280kW(380 horsepower ), What matches both engines is 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . Of course , Some models will still be equipped with four-wheel drive system .

Guard mysterious new car

At present, the news about the new members of the guard family is still very limited , We speculate that there are two possibilities , One is based on cash 90 or 110 A special version of the model , This is the most likely . Another possibility is the previously exposed guard 130 models , But it's unlikely .

From the spy photos before , Bodyguard 130 The model retains the classic square box shape , The biggest highlight of the new car is the wheelbase, although with 110 models (3022mm) identical , But the length increases 342mm, achieve 5100mm. And this lengthened 342mm Are used on the rear suspension , Make the guard 130 Have a stronger third row space .

Edit comment on : From the current information , Jaguar Land Rover will have three heavy new cars at this Chengdu auto show , In addition to the new Jaguar to be launched F-TYPE, What is most worth looking forward to is the new members of the guard family and the range rover family . Many people speculate that , The new member of the guard family is likely to be 130 models , The new member of the range rover may be the long wheelbase version . But all this is just speculation , The answer can only wait 8 month 29 The day was announced .

Review of highlights :

The new defender 130 Espionage exposure Excellent spatial performance

jaguar F-PACE Special edition official map Wear a black sports kit

Expose the new range rover PHEV Spy photos It will appear at the end of the year as soon as possible

Jaguar Land Rover Chengdu auto show lineup 3 New car

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