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Crown Luffy will be listed on the Highlander sister car on August 27

2021-08-27 22:55:43 Aika automobile

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Mention joint venture medium SUV, I believe most card friends must first think of hanlanda , GAC Toyota's fourth generation Highlander has been officially listed , Price range: 26.88-34.88 Ten thousand yuan . As a sister model of Highlander —— FAW Toyota Crown luffer will also be launched in 8 month 27 Day listed , The previously announced pre selling price range of crown Lufang is 28-37 Ten thousand yuan , The new car adopts the American version of hanlanda XSE Model design , And carry 2.5L Hybrid system .

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Crown Lu Fang comes from TNGA-K platform , It is the sister model of the fourth generation Highlander , Judging from the published pre-sale price , The price of crown luff may be higher than that of hanlanda . Judging from the information known so far , The body length of the crown land release will exceed 5m, The overall size is slightly longer than the fourth generation hanlanda . Refer to the body dimensions of the new Highlander , The length, width and height of the fourth generation hanlanda are 4950/1930/1730mm, The wheelbase is 2850mm. Besides , Shield crown brand LOGO Blessing , It also gives crown Lu Fang more dignity .

Crown land will be equipped based on 2.5L A hybrid system consisting of a four cylinder naturally aspirated engine (2.5HEV),2.5L The maximum power of the engine is 141kW(192 horsepower ), Peak torque is 238Nm. Motor , The two-wheel drive version is equipped with 134kW Motor , The 4WD version adds a 40kW Rear motor for . Overall , This set of HEV The comprehensive output power of the power system is 183kW(249 horsepower ).

Edit comment on : Crown Luffy still retains the old tradition of FAW Toyota Crown , front LOGO The shield crown brand , Then LOGO Equipped with Toyota brand LOGO, The new car will go on sale on Friday , I believe many card friends are like me , Especially looking forward to its final price .

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