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New gs8 Chengdu auto show announces interior Toyota technology blessing

2021-08-27 22:55:47 Aika automobile

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GAC motor flagship SUV—— The kei GS8 Officially replaced , We have previously released the second generation GS8 Appearance analysis of , Click to learn more 【 The new second generation GS8 Appearance modeling analysis 】, In addition to the more atmospheric and stable shape , The highlight is the fourth generation of Toyota THS II Hybrid system . In recent days, , Aika Automobile Co., Ltd , A new generation of trumpchi GS8 The interior of the car will debut at Chengdu auto show , I believe it will bring us a lot of surprises .

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new GS8 From GPMA Modular architecture of GAC global platform , It is also the first high-end product launched by the platform SUV. In order to meet different consumer needs , new GS8 Two different styles of front face are available . In terms of size , New GAC motor GS8 Long / wide / High respectively 4980/1950/1780mm, Wheelbase reached 2920mm.

In terms of motivation , new GS8 The fuel version will be equipped with 2.0T GDI The engine , Equipped with Ericsson 8AT powertrain , Maximum power is 185kW(252 horsepower ), The maximum torque is increased to 400Nm. The hybrid version is equipped with 2.0TM+ Toyota fourth generation THS Hybrid power system , And provide 4WD system for consumers to choose .

Edit comment on : new GS8 Has changed a lot , Especially two new looks + Blessing of Toyota Hybrid System , I believe its interior will not be disappointing , Brand new at Chengdu auto show GS8 The interior will be officially unveiled , Let's look forward to it .

Review of highlights :

new GS8 take 7 month 24 Starting day Toyota THS Hybrid technology

Gac and kei GS8 The official figure It's tough / Full of sense of technology

GAC motor is brand new GS8 Declaration chart Continuation of classic design

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