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Submarine mode? Model s safely passes through the rainstorm ponding area

2021-08-27 23:06:00 Aika automobile

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Beijing time. 8 month 23 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , A Chinese car that was previously exposed on the Internet Model 3 With “ Sailing mode ” The video of walking unimpeded in the heavy rain became one of the focus news at that time , From this, all parties can intuitively feel Tesla's excellent performance in dealing with floods . however , Although Tesla's internal battery and power system are tightly encapsulated , However, in the face of more serious floods, it still has a certain use risk .

A from Helen, Georgia, USA Model S The owner had a wading accident earlier this month . Before that, the local area was hit by continuous rainstorms , And according to local news reports , The whole white county government is busy dealing with local time 8 month 17 There was a storm on the th , The disaster caused power outages and floods . Especially in Helen , Part of the road is filled with water overflowing from the chathucci River .

On a flooded road , A car Model S Decided to wade through . That China Model 3 The flood faced by the owner flooded the position of the wheel hub , And this time in Helen Model S The water accumulated by car owners is deeper . As can be seen from the video screenshot of the scene ,Model S When moving forward, most of the car body was submerged by water . With Chinese car owners “ Sailing mode ” Different , The American car owner is simply Model S It's opened up “ Submarine mode ”. Fortunately, , the Model S Finally passed the road with serious ponding , The vehicle also remained intact .

Edit comment on : Although the electric car has no fuel, the car's intake and exhaust system , However, too deep ponding will still cause damage to the electronic equipment in the vehicle . in addition , Due to the different body weight and interior sealing degree , Some cars float in the water , This is also very dangerous for drivers , Don't imitate .

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