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With a price of more than 100000, it has the temperament of luxury cars. These domestic SUVs have done it!

2021-08-27 23:06:05 Fancy car Cafe

A friend wrote to me today , Ask me which one to buy with a budget of more than 100000 SUV More appropriate , Today, I checked several domestic products with high quality and low price for him SUV, You can start with more than 100000 , Although they are relatively cheap , But it has the temperament of a luxury car , Don't be incredulous , Let's see !

Harvard big dog

Don't think Harvard has only H6 A car can choose , In fact, whether it's appearance or configuration 、 power , They all have very good performances , And this is also the most playable one at the same price SUV, Under the square appearance, there is a hardline cross-country heart , It's definitely a personality SUV! The actual transaction price of the beggar version is less than 11 ten thousand , But also 7 Double clutch speed , It can be regarded as a very sincere work .

The way TXL

Xingtu is a high-end luxury sub brand of Chery , And the star path TXL What's more, it's a masterpiece , Especially this appearance , Absolutely let you feel what is called aura . Don't think this car is a show off , Although positioned as compact SUV, But its wheelbase has reached 2800mm, Even compared with Toyota Highlander, this wheelbase is completely true , The space is absolutely satisfactory . And power is its selling point ,1.6T The maximum power of the engine has reached 197 horsepower , Only Chery can achieve this power in domestic car enterprises , This must be praised . The only drawback is that Xingtu is not as famous as Geely link , If you want to pursue high cost performance , So star path TXL I will never let you down !

The noble pilot

We all know that mingjue made his fortune by sports , And the same is true of the famous Baron pilot , Although it is positioned as SUV, But it still has a moving heart , Like a Mercedes Benz AMG The front face of , On collocation trophy Sports package , The breath of sports directly fills , The visual impact is extremely strong , I think this appearance alone can attract a lot of young consumers . If you want to buy this car , I suggest you start directly 2.0T models ,231 Under the blessing of horsepower , Even with BMW X3 comparison , Not at all , If you want to experience speed and passion , It's the right choice !

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