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All domestic luxury cars from 500000 are here. Can you accept this price?

2021-08-27 23:06:32 Fancy car Cafe

Although our domestic automobile industry developed late , But with the continuous progress of society , Our own brand has the strength of a joint venture brand , Let's take stock of those 50 Domestic luxury cars sold from 10000 , Can you accept such a price ? Don't talk much , Let's see !

The red flag E-HS9

Selling point : Most famous

E-HS9 It can be said that red flag is the most famous civilian car at this stage , Positioned as a pure electric flagship SUV, The official offer is 50.98 ten thousand —72.98 Ten thousand yuan . This car has a magnificent shape , It perfectly shows the unique charm of red flag . Although the price of this car is as high as 72 Ten thousand yuan , But its range is only 510km, This is a big flaw in this car , But the interior is luxurious , Rich configuration , If you want to start a luxury car that can fill your scene ,E-HS9 Absolutely the best choice !

Beijing BJ90

Selling point : The most expensive domestic car

Although the reputation is not as good as the red flag , however BJ90 The price is incomparable , Pricing starts up 99.8 Ten thousand yuan , And the price of the top configuration has reached 128.8 Ten thousand yuan , This price, to be honest , Why not go to BMW X6、 audi Q8 Or Mercedes Benz G Class is better ? Can make the cottage to the extreme , I think BAIC can do it . More than one million, would you like to start a domestic version of Mercedes Benz ?

Gao He HiPhi X

Selling point : New trend

I don't think anyone has heard of this brand , In fact, Gaohe is also a member of our new power of building cars , So far, Gaohe has only launched Gaohe HiPhi X A car , But don't underestimate it , The price of this car is 57.00 ten thousand —80.00 Ten thousand yuan , It has reached the ceiling price of independent new energy vehicles , But the design of this car is very trendy , The door opening and closing methods alone are as many as 7 Kind of , It's just a transformer . And the power is also very strong , Break a hundred just 3.9 second , It's like a sports car , But the fame of this car is too small , Want to use it to hard steel Tesla , There's still some difficulty .

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