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BMW, the pioneer of environmental protection, will launch the ix5 hydrogen fuel cell vehicle at the Munich auto show

2021-08-27 23:23:31 Fancy car Cafe

We all know that the future is the world of new energy vehicles , The public 、 Honda 、 Toyota 、 Hyundai and other global well-known car companies have begun to transform to electrification , The same is true for luxury brands , Mercedes 、 Audi also joined the family of new energy vehicles early , BMW has developed hydrogen fuel cell vehicles , It can be seen that the era of traditional fuel vehicles has begun to end slowly . It is worth mentioning that in this Munich Auto Show , As a BMW at home , It's more about iX5 Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle , The new car adopts hydrogen fuel technology and the fifth generation BMW eDrive Electric drive system , The comprehensive maximum power has reached 374 horsepower , Driving this car is still very easy , Don't talk much , Let's see !

The appearance of the new car draws lessons from i Hydrogen NEXT Concept car design , But the whole continues X5 Design of fuel version , Double kidney grille and angel eye headlights are still its symbols , With air intakes on both sides , The breath of sports directly fills , Like a beast ready to go , The whole is full of aggression .

In fact, the biggest highlight of the new car is the addition of the unique sky blue of BMW hydrogen fuel vehicle , To show your extraordinary identity .22 The inch rim is aerodynamically designed , With guaranteed performance , It can also effectively increase the range , Technology changes the future , BMW did !

In order to further promote environmental protection , New car air inlet grille 、 Lower encirclement, etc 3D Printing technology makes . The tires are made of sustainable natural rubber and rayon , It's no exaggeration to say , BMW is the world's first car manufacturer to use environmentally friendly tires , Give BMW some praise .

The power of this car is simply to use hydrogen fuel to provide electric energy to the motor unit , Let the motor work to drive the car . Compared with traditional electric vehicles , The filling time of hydrogen fuel is similar to that of traditional fuel vehicles , I will never worry about the mileage in the future , This is why BMW has been pursuing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles . What about? ? If this car goes on the market , Would you choose to start ?

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