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Can ford Bronco challenge the dominance of jeep horse herders in the tough cross-country war?

2021-08-27 23:24:05 Fancy car Cafe

Speaking of hardliners , I think you will think of Mercedes Benz first G level 、 Mitsubishi Pajero 、 Toyota Prado 、 Nissan Tule and jeep Horse herders, etc , They can be said to be the best of them , Deeply loved by consumers . But apart from them , There are many classics to choose from , Not as good as today's protagonist Ford Bronco, It is also the strong enemy of the horse Herder's life ! So here comes the question , ford Bronco Appearance , Can you challenge jeep The dominance of horse herders ? Let's talk about it today !

Let's talk about the appearance first , Both cars are famous for their appearance , And Ford Bronco What's more, it gives 11 Two body colors can be selected , It has the final say to pursue individuality ! And Ford Bronco Like a horse herder , A removable door option has been introduced , Think carefully , Driving Ford by the sea breeze Bronco, It's also very pleasant . The appearance of these two cars can be said to have their own strengths , The horse shepherd looks more exquisite , And Ford Bronco It shows the unique wild flavor of the beauty Department . In terms of appearance, it's five to five !

Let's talk about interior space , To tell the truth, there is really no comparability , Look at Ford Bronco 's interior , Look at the interior of the Wrangler , How to choose still use me to say ? And Ford Bronco In order to make off-road a very simple thing , Also joined the “ Hero switch ” Controls , The front differential can be easily manipulated and locked in the vehicle 、 Lock the rear differential 、 Traction steering assist 、 Traction control and hazard lights, etc , Even Mengxin Xiaobai , It can also be easily controlled . But the Wrangler and Ford Bronco The workmanship of these two cars really needs to be improved , Look at this gap , It is impossible to make complaints about it ! Both cars performed very well in terms of space , It's still no problem to meet family needs . In this regard, Ford Bronco Perfect victory !

Finally, let's talk about power , After all, power is the core of a car , ford Bronco Used 2.3T The engine , Maximum power is 314 horsepower , And the horse herder used one 3.8 l V6 The engine , Maximum power only 202 horsepower , Power performance Ford Bronco Perfect victory .

ford Bronco With the horse herder, it can be said that it is a very good hardline cross-country , Both models have their own advantages and disadvantages , ford Bronco The victory lies in power and technology configuration , The horse shepherd wins in reputation and quality . Yes, of course , How to choose or has the final say? !

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