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A variety of SUVs "get together" to appear at the Munich auto show, and each can lead the trend of the times!

2021-08-27 23:24:12 Fancy car Cafe

It's still half a month before the Munich Auto Show , But the mystery of this auto show has been lifted , Today, let's take stock of what new cars are expected at the auto show , Each one is a trend masterpiece !

Mercedes EQG Concept car

The first thing to bear the brunt is Mercedes Benz EQG Concept car , In the future, it will become the flagship of Mercedes Benz pure electric SUV, With Mercedes G Level belongs to a level . Although new cars belong to new energy vehicles , But its off-road ability is still strong , It is expected that in the future, it will become the best pure electric hardline off-road , In terms of power, although there is no information released , But beyond EQE No problem , The range of the new car will exceed 500km, The comprehensive strength is quite strong . But the strongest thing is the price , It is expected that the starting price will exceed 200 Ten thousand yuan , Plus an inertial markup , It takes about... For this car to land in China 300 ten thousand !


The new BMW iX3 Will also appear at the Munich Auto Show , Although it is a small change , But the whole has changed a lot , For example, the classic double kidney air intake grille has changed again , With angel eye headlights , Sharp , Further highlight the sportiness of BMW . In fact, the tail is the biggest highlight of this car , Although it's a SUV, But the tail is equipped with a large diffuser that is only available for super running , Moreover, it also outlines the exhaust design with four sides , The breath of sports directly fills , The visual impact is extremely strong . The power hair follicle will use a 286 Horsepower single motor drive , Mileage to 460km, The new car is expected to be put into production in China in the third quarter , Friends who like this car can wait .

The public ID.5GTX

Volkswagen can be said to be one of the car companies with the strongest attitude towards electrification transformation , Up to now ,ID The family already has many members , and ID.5GTX Will also appear at the Munich Auto Show , Compared with the ordinary model , The new car has adopted a more radical design , In terms of appearance, it will definitely break your traditional perception of the public , This car is not so much a sedan SUV, It might as well be called SUV Sports car in ! Although the power official did not give any information , But it will only have front and rear dual motor drive , You are absolutely satisfied with the power . Unfortunately, this car will take the lead in landing in the European market , As for when to be listed in China , It's still an unknown number !

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