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Changan Automobile will officially launch avita brand on August 24

2021-08-27 23:26:21 Car pull

As early as may this year , Chang'an Automobile issued an official announcement , Said that its holding subsidiary Chang'an Weilai New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd , Renamed avita Technology Co., Ltd . After this renaming , Avita technology will be completely independent of production 、 operation , In addition, Chang'an Automobile also plans to cooperate avita with Huawei and Ningde times , To create a new intelligent platform .

However , Just a few days ago , Huawei has also clearly expressed , It has not invested in any car companies , And will not consider investing in any car companies in the future . after , stay 8 month 20 Late Sunday , Changan Automobile also issued an announcement , Avita, its controlled subsidiary, will solicit investors through public listing , Or introduce 2-5 Investors . And will be in 8 month 24 Avita brand was officially released on the th .

According to the official plan of Chang'an Automobile , In the next five years , Avita technology will be launched based on its intelligent technology platform 5 models , At present, another known model is code named E11 The medium SUV models , This model is currently in the commissioning stage of the whole vehicle .

According to the news , This smart car will include smart driving 、 Smart cockpit 、 Intelligent electric 、 Intelligent networking and other all-round intelligent technologies . Avita technology, as a high-end technology automobile brand that Chang'an automobile is determined to build , It's not just about technology configuration , At the same time, new design concepts will be adopted in appearance and interior decoration , Create more comfortable and convenient human-computer interaction , Bring consumers a more comfortable experience .

In recent years, Chang'an automobile has been under the environment of the transformation of the global automobile market to electrification , It also keeps up with the pace of the times , As early as 2017 Published in “ Shangri la plan ” New energy strategy , And it has also made substantial moves in electrification transformation . By November last year , At the brand day press conference, Great Wall Motor also officially announced that it will jointly build a high-end smart car brand in the era of Huawei and Ningde in the future .

Avita technology as Changan Automobile 、 Ningde era and the combination of three industry leaders of Huawei , It is believed that science and technology will be reflected in the whole body of the product , Let's look forward to !

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