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Who says SUV has no sense of technology? BYD x-dream concept car official map release

2021-08-27 23:26:34 Car pull

With the advent of the electric age , The scene of joint venture fuel vehicles rampant began to change . The domestic brands led by BYD have realized the real sense of curve overtaking ,“ The tang dynasty 、 The song dynasty 、 The qin dynasty ” The continuous development of dynasty family models , What's more, the sales volume of BYD brand has ushered in explosive growth .

In recent days, , It is said that BYD has a brand new SUV models ( Internal code SK2H) Will be available this year , As early as this year's Shanghai Auto Show , The machine SUV It has appeared in the public view . New car positioning compact class SUV, It's powered by DM Mixing assembly , from 1.5L The engine + Motor composition .

aesthetic , The new car adopts the new design language of dynasty family series , Fashion and technology coexist . Details , The new car also has everything , The new BYD LOGO、 Hidden door handles and large spoilers are available . It is worth mentioning that , The new car also properly integrates traditional elements , The connection design of the tail light is very Chinese .

The interior design concept of the whole vehicle is advanced , Scientific and technological design can be seen everywhere in the car , Full LCD instrument panel 、 Suspended large central control screen and LCD screen at the front passenger position , Three screen linkage .

According to a person familiar with the matter , The new car is expected to launch three power versions , It provides two driving forms of front drive and four-wheel drive . Power on , The maximum power of the front drive version is 160 Kilowatts and 200 Two types of motors in kw . The maximum power of the motor before the 4WD version is 200 kw , The maximum power of the rear motor is 160 kw , It takes only 100 kilometers to accelerate 3.9 second .

Although the new car is currently in the concept car stage , But in recent years, many concept cars have been put into production and put on the market , We might as well look forward to this X-dream.

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