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The latest spy photos of BMW's new 2 series station wagon

2021-08-27 23:32:23 Car pull

With the rapid increase of domestic automobile market capacity , In big cities, the problem of traffic jam and difficult parking is becoming more and more serious . therefore , Small and medium-sized vehicles that are more in line with the commuter have become the growing mainstream models . Now, , BMW is also testing the new 2 Travel version , New car will be on the 2022 Officially appeared in . Have a small figure , At the same time, it can also take into account the function of outing . meanwhile , In order to fit the current environmental protection concept , The new car will also launch plug-in hybrid models , At that time, it will also enter the Chinese market together with gasoline models .

aesthetic , The new car adopts BMW's latest design language , At the same time, we see that the size of China Grid is further increased . The overall front is more aggressive , Deliberately created the sharp shape of the car nose .

It's more obvious from the front , At the same time, a brand-new BMW LED Headlights , It looks more exquisite . interiors , It is expected that iX Similar dual screen design style , And to improve the sense of interior technology of entry-level models , At the same time, the configuration will be improved .

motivation , New cars may use 1.5T Engine matching 48 Volt light mixing technology , At the same time, the new car will also launch plug-in hybrid models , This is a way for traditional luxury car companies to help consumers transition like pure electric vehicles .

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