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Quality travel doesn't have to be SUV. These luxury station wagons are also very good

2021-08-27 23:32:36 Car operator

A self driving trip , It has always been the original intention of many consumers to choose cars , Especially in the post epidemic period , Self driving travel is becoming more and more popular because it is safer . But for many players , The travel tools of self driving travel will be the first to think of SUV models , Because in response to very few road conditions . But now there are many SUV Models tend to be urbanized , Their carrying capacity is not much better than that of cars . So for many players who are not in extreme road conditions , A station wagon will obviously make your journey more quality .

Mercedes C Wagon

The price is :36.08-39.28 Ten thousand yuan

Mercedes C Travel is definitely an old man in the domestic station wagon industry , Of course, its visibility is still not high , But this does not affect its elegant image , It is precisely because of this unique temperament , It has become a favorite model of many urban white-collar workers . However, at present, China C Brigade only C00 and C260 Two options , period C 260 4MATIC edition .

Dynamic part , Although there is no change in the name of the model , however 2021 Mercedes Benz C The brigade is carrying 1.5T The engine , Tell the truth , This motivation is a little difficult for many consumers to accept , After all, the price is almost 400000 , I can't keep my face .C 200 The car is equipped with 1.5T The engine , The most powerful 156 horsepower , Maximum torque 250 cattle · rice ; and C 260 The car is equipped with 1.5T+48V Light mixed , The most powerful 184 horsepower , Maximum torque 280 cattle · rice , The transmission system matches 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

The public is in charge of

The price is :26.48-33.88 Ten thousand yuan

The old Weilan has been on the market for many years , For this appearance, many consumers will feel a little greasy , Especially at a time when major brands are promoting the process of youth . So not long ago, Volkswagen also brought a new style of Weilan , The new car has a lot of changes inside and outside , The overall feeling is younger . The lower surrounding design is more flat , The simulated air inlets on both sides are also larger , The headlights also adopt the latest technology of Volkswagen IQ.Light headlight , A stronger sense of technology .

For popular fans , There should be no resistance to the shape of Wei Lan , Elegant body shape is also the main reason why everyone flocks to it . Wei Lan is obviously a pragmatist , Its interior space is very spacious , Especially the rear compartment is very regular , It's nothing to go on a long journey . And the power part , The new Weilan doesn't have so many choices , Only the third generation EA888 2.0T Four cylinder engine , Maximum output 190 horsepower , Maximum torque 320 Cattle meters , matching 7 speed DSG Dual clutch transmission .

audi A4( import )

The price is :34.98-41.88 Ten thousand yuan

Friends who like station wagon can't seem to get around Audi , Indeed, whether it is A4 still A6 All gave us a very deep impression , Audi in particular A4 Because of the relatively lower price , It has become a favorite of many travel players . At present, domestic imports A4 Yes Avant and allroad Two options , There are some differences in style between the two models , A business oriented , The other is off-road sports , Of course, the most direct link is your needs and budget .

The interior , There is no difference between the two versions , It's still familiar to us . Dynamic part , The whole line is equipped with 2.0T The engine , But the adjustment is not the same , among A4 Avant The maximum output power of is 204 horsepower , and A4 allroad Then for 252 horsepower . At present, the car also has good market discounts , Like friends can go and have a look .

Volvo V60

The price is :30.43-39.58 Ten thousand yuan

How can the station wagon be less than Volvo , It is also the essence of Volvo . Brand new Volvo V60 It has been on the market for some time , Of course, what can conquer consumers most is this damn appearance , For a tin fan ,V60 Seems to have its own most unique attributes . But unfortunately, there is no V60 CC The news of , After all, for players who like light outdoor cross-country , It may be more appropriate .

2021 The paragraph V60 And new B4 Power , The maximum output power is 197 horsepower , Compared with B5 Much lower , Enough must be right , The price is also higher than that of the same configuration B5 More than 40000 lower , This is very cost-effective . Unfortunately, at present V60 There are not many market discounts , This may also be the main reason why many friends want to wait and see with money .


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