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The new Mercedes Benz SL class is coming. A classic review of more than 65 years

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If sports cars follow the performance route , You'd be wrong , In fact, there are some models with both sports and luxury in high-end sports cars , And the most representative , Xiaobian thinks it's Mercedes Benz with a long history SL A series of , Without realizing it, in fact SL The series has launched more than 65 years , A single model may have a longer history than many car brands , Taking advantage of the launch of new models , We might as well briefly review this classic series .

Mercedes 300SL Racecar (W194)-1952 year

As SL The originator of the car system , This car is not really a mass production car , It's not for sale for events , The whole space tubular frame uses aluminum alloy pipes , And make the overall weight only 68 kg , But because the whole frame wraps the passenger compartment , It is impossible to set a normally open door , Therefore, only two doors across the frame can be designed to let passengers in and out , So there is a unique gull wing door . In the same year when it was launched, it participated in many competitions and won many awards. Before it was launched, there was only one repaired 2 Car No. 1 was in 2012 I received a bid in 1500 Million dollars to buy Offer.

Mercedes 300sl(W198) - 1954 - 1957 year

suffer 1952 , launched in 300 SL Inspired by racing , Mercedes realized that the design of the car was quite advanced , Therefore, the demand for mass production version is put forward . Two years later, ,W198 At the New York International Auto Show . The iconic gull wing door has become a design highlight and remains , This becomes this SL The trademark of the series . What it uses M198 The engine is for 1953 Car prototype design in ,215 The horsepower is impressive ,300 SL The maximum speed reached 258 km / Hours .

Mercedes - Mercedes 190 SL (W121) -1955 - 1963 year

Compared with W198 Of 300SL,190SL So it's a cheap alternative , But it has a similar shape, but it adopts the version of soft top convertible . This two seater sports car is assigned to W121 Series models , And with W121/W120“Ponton” Models are closely related . The engine uses an improved 1.9 Liter four cylinder engine , Can output 107 horsepower , Up to top speed 170 km / Hours .

Mercedes 300sl (W198) -1957 - 1963

Although the gull wing door is very distinctive , But subject to the use conditions and safety factors , In the end 1957 Replaced by . Replacing Gullwing generation is W198 300 SL Sports car in 1957 Launched in 2013 , Due to the modification of the frame , Reduced threshold height , So it has a traditional door , In addition, the rear suspension has been upgraded , The engine is also replaced with aluminum alloy .

Mercedes - Mercedes SL (W113) - 1963 - 1971

here we are 1963 year ,SL The series has ushered in a veritable replacement , new 230 SL (W113) stay 1963 It appeared at the Geneva Auto Show . The unique shape soon won 230 SL The nickname “ pagoda ”, It is also the last generation of Mercedes Benz's pure handmade mass production car .230 SL The chassis has been improved , and 2.3 The output power of the l-in-line six cylinder engine has reached 150 Horses, besides , Instead of 230 SL Of 250 SL yes 1967 It was launched in 1999 , The engine is 2.5 l , The torque has increased 10%. A year later ,280SL The engine is further expanded to 2.8 l , The output power is 170 horse , Abundant power, combined with innovative crash collapse zone and cockpit anti roll design to escort passengers , This car is definitely one of the most classic Mercedes Benz models in the 1960s .

Mercedes SL R107 - 1971 - 1989

R107 The model created SL History of maximum number of cylinders in the series , As the first to introduce an eight cylinder engine SL level ,SL 350 stay 1971 Made its debut in , Next is SL 450 stay 1973 Years and SL 280 stay 1974 year . These models receive a wide range of six cylinder and eight cylinder engines . In addition to superior power performance , Its collision performance characteristics are not only carefully designed , And far ahead of their time , But in terms of design, it seems to be more moderate than the past generations .

Mercedes SL R129 - 1989 to 2001

1989 year , Mercedes launched R129 Series models , The appearance returns to the style of the sports market . More powerful 600 SL( Later, SL 600) On 1992 Made its debut in , And in this series, we introduce 12 Famous for its two cylinder engine , Output 394 horsepower . A few years after launch , More versions will follow , Mercedes v6 Engines have also replaced in-line engines in this generation 6 cylinder . and 1999 In, the power system of this car ushered in the peak of displacement , With 525 Horsepower 7.3 l V12 The engine replaced 394 The version of the match .

Mercedes SL R230 - 2001 - 2012

In this generation R230 Series of models , Maybe we're getting familiar with it , We can see the classic peanut lamp in many Mercedes Benz cars , It's on 2001 Landing in , Many innovative technologies have been adopted , And improved safety equipment , Top models include SL 55 AMG、SL 600 and SL 65 AMG, The horsepower is 476 horse ,500 The horse and 612 horsepower . from 2006 Year begins ,7G-TRONIC Seven speed automatic transmission becomes standard .SL 63 AMG and SL 65 AMG It's in 2008 Officially launched in .

Mercedes SL R231 - 2012 to 2020

As a cash model , We don't need to introduce it too much ,SL350 It can be said to be a very qualified dream car , It can be relaxed , gentle , And bring enough fun . near 160 The price is ten thousand yuan , For most people , Realizing your dream is not out of reach , Performance and fuel consumption are also very good , In addition, there is good trunk space , It's really amazing .

The latest SL What will it be like ?

A new generation SL, At present, it has entered the road test stage overseas , Except for continuity SL Beyond your own style , There is also news that it will replace cash AMG GT The sports car , And with the next generation AMG GT Coupe Develop on the same platform . The new car will be made of aluminum 、 steel 、 New chassis of magnesium and fiber composites , As the weight drops further , Rigidity has also been improved , So as to bring better 、 More precise handling and flexibility .

since 1971 Year of R107 For the first time since 2+2 Seating arrangement , A soft top convertible will be used , For the first time AMG 4MATIC+ All wheel drive system is introduced into new vehicles . As for the choice of power system , We may see light hybrid inline six cylinders V8 Gasoline engine , The maximum horsepower of this flagship model may exceed 800 horsepower .


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