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Rapid development! There are more than 1600 Internet hospitals in China

2021-08-27 23:33:22 Beijing daily client

from 2018 year 12 In the month 100 More than one 2021 year 6 In the month 1600 A number of , This is the growth rate of Internet hospitals in China for more than two years . Information from the National Health Commission shows that , With the continuous support of policies and advanced technology , Internet medical services have accelerated their start , It has developed into an important part of China's medical service system .

General office of the state council 《 About the promotion “ Internet + Health care ” Opinions on Development 》2018 Since its introduction in , With the support of various supporting policies , Internet medical services in China “ Run out of acceleration ”, Business volume increased significantly .

Ye Quanfu, director of the Institute of hospital management of the National Health Commission, introduced , According to the survey statistics ,2020 year , National Health and Health Commission 44 Family Committee ( tube ) The number of Internet clinics in hospitals is more than 2019 Year on year growth 17 times , The amount of Internet diagnosis and treatment consultation on the third-party platform has increased 20 Many times .

Beijing Union Medical College Hospital Internet hospital is the first approved Internet hospital in Beijing . according to the understanding of , Up to now , Peking Union Medical College Hospital has 49 Departments 、1000 More than medical staff carry out online consultation , Cumulative service patients 20 Thousands of people ;38 Departments 、1200 More than doctors have opened Internet diagnosis and treatment authority , Cumulative service patients 7 Thousands of people .

Under the promotion of the National Health Commission , Medical institutions also actively use Internet technology to optimize medical service processes , Let the data run more 、 People run less errands .

Gao Yong, deputy director of the medical resources department of the medical administration and medical administration bureau of the National Health Commission, introduced , By 2020 end of the year , The appointment rate of tertiary hospitals in China exceeds 52%, The reservation rate by time is up to 82%; The tertiary hospitals that provide online payment services are 2337 home , Provide online payment 、 Second level hospitals with intelligent medical guidance, triage and other services 5000 A number of .

In the rapid development of Internet medicine in the past two years , The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia objectively expedites 、 Accelerate industry innovation .

2020 During the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in 2003 , Zhejiang Taizhou Enze Medical Center ( The group ) be aware , During the online consultation, Mr. Gu said that he had fever symptoms after returning home from Wuhan to Taizhou , Dare not go to the hospital on their own . The doctor immediately marked him and took him to the hospital for nucleic acid test with an ambulance , The novel coronavirus pneumonia was immediately diagnosed and hospitalized. .

“ Because it was discovered early 、 Timely treatment , He recovered quickly , And there was no widespread transmission before diagnosis .” Taizhou Enze Medical Center ( The group ) Liang Junbo, deputy director .

Since the outbreak , The general office of the National Health Commission has successively issued a notice on doing a good job in Internet diagnosis and treatment consulting services in epidemic prevention and control 、 Notice on further improving the appointment diagnosis and treatment system and strengthening the construction of smart hospital , Promote the development of internet medical services . The role of Internet diagnosis and treatment in ensuring patients' medical service needs 、 Relieve the pressure of hospital medical service 、 Reduce people aggregation 、 It has played a positive role in reducing cross infection .

“ Cloud ” Patient association 、 Online family doctor 、 Applet push operation information …… Now , The border of internet medical services, which has grown in epidemic prevention and control, has been continuously extended , In terms of whole course service, etc “ Rich imagination ”.

“ Preoperative evaluation 、 Postoperative follow-up 、 Businesses such as interpretation of pathological results can be included in the scope of online diagnosis and treatment .” Chang Qing, deputy director of the medical department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, said , Team service mode can be adopted online in the future , Better for multi disease 、 Services for comorbid patients , The hospital can also form a multi-point triggered disease monitoring mode through the Internet , This is valuable for the monitoring and early warning of difficult and severe diseases .

Experts say , Despite the rapid development of internet medical services in China , But it's still in its infancy . How about Internet medicine “ Run fast and steady ”?

“ Medical institutions should find the right position , Realize online 、 Standardization of offline services 、 Homogenization .” Liu Wenxian, deputy director of the planning, development and Information Department of the National Health Commission, believes that , With the expansion of medical services from offline to online , The medical service model has changed ,“ Internet + Health care ” It also faces innovation , This includes the service system 、 Industry standard 、 Network security 、 Talent team construction, etc .

Liu Wenxian also said , For this new business form , Government departments will also innovate supervision methods , Let internet medical services develop in a standardized way in the process of meeting the medical needs of the masses and reducing the burden on medical personnel 、 Go steady and go far .

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