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Xinguan Town, Shimen County: guard the "west gate" of Shimen

2021-08-27 23:38:28 Red Net

Red net is always Changde 8 month 20 - ( correspondent Wu Guizhi )“ The epidemic prevention and control in Changde City has entered the normalization stage , But our village is connected with Cili County, Zhangjiajie City , We still can't relax our epidemic prevention and control work ......”8 month 19 Early in the morning , Liu Jinglan, Secretary of the general Party branch of Changling village, Xinguan Town, Shimen County, began to assign epidemic prevention and control tasks to village cadres .7 Since late month , Liu Jinglan used “ Morning meeting ” Arranging work has become a routine action .

Scene of village cadres on duty at night .

It is reported that , Changling village is connected with Cili County, Zhangjiajie City , The boundary line is... Long 10 More than kilometers , The daily exchanges between the people of the two places are very close , Prevent the movement of people between the two places during the epidemic , Guard the stone gate “ West Gate ” The difficulty is conceivable .

In order to prevent the epidemic situation, enter , Protect people's lives, health and safety , Changling village organized personnel for the first time , Establish epidemic prevention and control persuasion points along the traffic arteries bordering Cili , Pull up the banner 、 Set up the table 、 By registering the vehicle 、 Measures such as persuading outsiders , Do a good job in epidemic prevention and control at the village level . Besides , Village cadres daily through wechat 、 It has also become an essential prevention and control work to popularize coronavirus related knowledge to the masses in the form of broadcasting ,24 On duty by hour , We will resolutely achieve joint prevention and control 、 group prevention and control 、 Strict prevention and control , both the higher and lower levels are united as one , Build epidemic prevention and control barriers .

Secretary Liu Jinglan checked the duty point at night .

Watching the cadres of the two committees charge ahead , The party members and masses in the village have also spontaneously joined the epidemic prevention and control , Everyone who has money pays , Powerful effort . The people who come to give materials to the on duty checkpoint every day are in an endless stream. After receiving the task of epidemic prevention and control from the superior department , Liu Jinglan resolutely assumed the burden of the first person in charge of epidemic prevention at the village level , Command the epidemic ahead , Liu Jinlan, Secretary of the Party branch, led the charge in the front line .

“ An epidemic is an order , Prevention and control is responsibility , As a communist 、 A village Party branch secretary , We should take the lead and set an example at a critical time , Not at this time, when , As long as everyone is in the same boat , We will surely win this war of prevention and control of epidemic situation .” Liu Jinglan said .

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