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Good news: Taohuayuan won the national advanced unit of mass sports

2021-08-27 23:38:32 Red Net

Red net is always Changde 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Zhangyu Road ) In recent days, , Issued by the General Administration of sports of the people's Republic of China 《 General Office of the General Administration of sports on 2017-2020 Publicity of annual national mass sports advanced units and individuals to be commended 》 file , Taohuayuan Town, Taohuayuan tourism management area, won the title of "Taohuayuan" 2017-2020 Annual title of national advanced unit of mass sports .

“ National advanced unit of mass sports ” Every four years , It mainly commends the construction of public service system for national fitness 、 Improve the physical quality and health level of the whole people 、 Constantly meet the growing sports and fitness needs of the masses 、 Units and collectives that have made important contributions to the cause of mass sports .

In recent years , Taohuayuan Town, Taohuayuan Tourism Management Zone, vigorously develops sports tourism 、 Global tourism , Comprehensively promote a variety of outdoor sports and leisure projects , Undertake many outdoor fitness activities , Create a unique peach blossom garden “ sports + tourism + Culture ” Industrial brand , Make the booming sports tourism industry a new driving force for the development of Taohuayuan .

As 《 etymology 》《 lexicon 》 Annotated Tao Yuanming 《 Story of the Peach Blossom Valley 》 Unique prototype , Changde Taohuayuan tourism management area is a veritable Chinese natural oxygen bar , The number of days with excellent air quality is as high as 93.7%, The water quality has remained above class II for many years , It is a rare place for fitness .

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