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All China Women's Federation awarded Li Huanying the title of national March 8th red flag bearer

2021-08-27 23:48:18 Beijing daily client

The all China Women's Federation recently made a decision , Awarded to world famous leprosy prevention and control experts 、 Doctor of Beijing Friendship Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University 、 Li Huanying, a researcher of Beijing Institute of Tropical Medicine, was named the national March 8th red flag bearer .

Decided to point out , Li Huanying is a witness to the development of health care under the leadership of the party 、 Witnesses and participants , She is loyal to the party 、 Love the motherland 、 People in mind 、 innovation , It is an excellent example for Chinese women . In the early 1950s , For the health cause of new China , She abandoned the favorable conditions abroad , Resolutely return home and devote themselves to leprosy prevention and control . She adheres to the benevolence of doctors , Insist on life first , Long term face-to-face contact with leprosy patients , Rigorous and meticulous clinical trials , Scientific and stable treatment research , At the end of my life, I still care about the cause of hemp control . She promoted it “ Short course combined chemotherapy ” Methods countless leprosy patients were treated , The model of combining vertical prevention and control with grass-roots prevention and control network is proposed , It's called leprosy “ The best treatment action in the world ”, It has made great contributions to the prevention and control of leprosy in China and even the world .

The all China Women's Federation called on women to learn from Li Huanying , Learn from her loyalty to the party 、 A firm political character , She has a big heart to learn from 、 Patriotic feelings of sincere service to the country , Learn that she cares about the people 、 The supreme spirit of life , Learn from her truth-seeking and pragmatic 、 The excellent quality of daring to climb , We should unite more closely around the Central Committee of the party with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core , Based on two overall situations , Mind “ The big one ”, Vigorously carry forward the great party building spirit , Draw the wisdom and strength of striving from the spiritual pedigree of the Chinese Communists , Be a builder of great cause 、 An advocate of civilization 、 A striver who dares to pursue dreams , The fourteenth five year plan of Jiangong 、 Strive for a new journey , Contribute 10000 women to the realization of the second Centennial goal .

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