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Information | Tesla is considering opening up its automatic driving technology. Musk: will it charge

2021-08-28 00:08:25 Oriental Information automobile

Tesla considers its competitors , Open its automatic driving system technology

writing : Understand the original car Emperor Jia Tianyu

[ Understand the original car Emperor industry ] According to foreign media reports , tesla CEO Elon · Musk recently said , Tesla is considering , Opening up its autonomous driving technology to other car manufacturers .

“ If other automakers want to be licensed and use Tesla's automatic driving technology on their cars , This will be a very cool thing .” Musk said when asked about his attitude towards open source on Tesla artificial intelligence day , But he also pointed out that , Because the system development cost is expensive , Therefore, Tesla will charge a certain fee .

tesla CEO Elon · Musk said , After opening, a certain fee will be charged

However, due to the frequent traffic accidents involving automatic driving recently , The safety of automatic driving is facing an unprecedented public opinion crisis .

Last week, , National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Announced to Tesla Autopilot Launch a formal security investigation , The focus of the investigation is , Tesla car with automatic driving system , Parked emergency vehicles are usually not recognized , As a result, a number of collision accidents were caused .

NHTSA Investigate Tesla Autopilot

The survey covers Tesla from 2014 - 2021 Produced during the year Model Y、Model X、Model S and Model 3 models , total 76.5 Thousands of cars .

According to the NHTSA Statistics , since 2018 year 1 Since the month , tesla Autopilot The system has caused 11 There was an accident , the 17 People were injured 、1 People have been killed .

Recently Wei Lai ES8 The owner Lin Wenqin was killed

Similarly, , At home , Recently, due to “ Meiyihao ” Lin Wenqin, founder of catering chain brand , Driving Weilai ES8 On when “ Autopilot ”(NOP Intelligent navigation system ) He was killed in a car accident after the function , Make the safety nature of automatic driving suspect related topics such as exaggerated publicity by enterprises , Was pushed to the cusp of public opinion .

Although experts generally believe that , True self driving cars will not be launched in decades. . But musk still insists , Tesla's next generation fully automatic driving system “ It will be able to realize fully automatic driving at a safety level far higher than that of human beings , Maybe at least better than humans 200% or 300%.”

source : Understand chedi's report

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