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Xintian: make every effort to create a good construction environment and shorten the construction period of class I Highway by two years

2021-08-28 00:19:08 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Huang Xin Xiao Yaxiang )S345 Xintian connecting line project of Er Guang expressway is the reconstruction project of trunk highway in Hunan Province “ Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in ” Medium term adjustment plan project , It shall be constructed according to the standard of class I highway . Since the commencement of the project , Xintian government department takes the initiative as , The masses along the line give full support to , It provides a good environment for project construction , The original plan 2023 The project to be completed and accepted in is expected to 2021 It will be open to traffic by the end of the year , The construction period is nearly two years ahead of schedule .

8 month 20 Japan , At Songning section of the connecting line project , The workers are working on the water stabilized layer of the road . A large engineering vehicle 、 Paver 、 The roller shuttles back and forth on the road , The scene presents a busy scene , The flat and wide road surface is beginning to take shape .

Xintian County has backward transportation , It is the only railway free city in Yongzhou 、 No high speed 、 No shipping “ Sanwu County ”, Seriously restricting economic development .S345 The construction of Xintian connecting line project of ErGuang expressway will promote the new urbanization of Xintian 、 New industrialization process , Realization “ Big in and big out ” Traffic pattern , Accelerating the development of county economy is of great significance . The total length of the project is about 30 km , The line involves 18 The mountains and forests of an administrative village 、 fields 、 The house needs to be requisitioned and demolished . A year ago. , face “ Requisition and demolition ” This piece is extremely hard to chew “ Hard bone ”, Xiong Yanqi, chief engineer of the project, and the construction team are worried .

“ When we came in , What we are most worried about is not the allocation of our own people and property , We are mainly worried about the local government's land acquisition and demolition . Because the line is really too long , And it involves two counties .” Xiong Yanqi said .

In order to remove construction obstacles , Ensure the smooth progress of the project , Xintian County implements the principle of division responsibility 、 Do everything to people , The main leaders lead by the front , Go deep into the project site to coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the land acquisition and relocation work . ChaLin village, Jiantou town is 18 The village with the largest land occupation among the three administrative villages involved in land expropriation , Including Tian 、 The earth 、 The land requisition and demolition area including forest is up to 187.59 mu . Staff go door-to-door to talk about policies 、 Put the facts 、 Be reasonable , With the support and understanding of the villagers .

“ If you want to get rich, build roads first , If this road doesn't work , How to develop ? In terms of land acquisition , The villagers understand this , All support this .” Speaking of land acquisition in the village , Zheng Guojian, Secretary of ChaLin village Party branch, looked pleased ,“ It took just 8 Days time , The agreement on the requisition and demolition of the whole village was completed .”

With the joint efforts of the cadres and the masses in the county , Up to now , The project involves 1688 Mu of expropriated land 、1172 A graveyard 、29 A demolished house , already 100% Complete the task of land demolition . Total project investment 12.62 One hundred million yuan , At present, the investment has been completed nearly 8 One hundred million yuan .

“ This speed is quite amazing , Far more than we expected . The original plan was 2023 Opened to traffic in , Now shorten the cycle , This year, , The common people can take this road , by ‘ Xintian speed ’ give the thumbs-up .” Xiong Yanqi couldn't help thumbing up .

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