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Jiang Yong: Chen Jiangping inspected and guided the county traffic signs and markings

2021-08-28 00:19:10 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Chen Lihua Zhu xiaorun ) In order to further improve highway infrastructure , Improve road traffic efficiency , Ensure road traffic safety 、 open 、 Orderly ,8 month 20 Japan , Chen Jiangping, candidate for deputy county magistrate of Jiangyong County, and his party went deep into shangjiangwei town 、 Yunshan community, Xiaopu town 、 Xialaipu town 、 Taochuan town 、 Main road sections such as rough Shijiang town , Guide and inspect the work of traffic signs and markings .

At the construction site of traffic signs and markings , Chen Jiangping listened in detail to the overall work plan of relevant personnel on the construction of traffic signs and markings 、 Current planning progress 、 Report on later construction planning, work arrangement and other related situations .

Chen Jiangping affirmed the results of the planning work , At the same time, it also puts forward specific work requirements . He pointed out that , Reset 、 Adding traffic markings is an important livelihood project , All competent departments should attach great importance to 、 Cooperate with each other , Timely strengthen supervision , Ensure the smooth progress of the project 、 To advance in an orderly way , Ensure the safety and smoothness of trunk roads in Jiangyong County ; At the same time, we should strengthen the publicity and education of traffic safety for the whole people , Improve the people's awareness of safety and civilized transportation .

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