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Blue Mountain Public Security: cracked a credit card fraud and recovered 20000 yuan for the masses

2021-08-28 00:19:13 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Hu Wen Yang Wangyang )8 month 23 Japan , The Economic Investigation Brigade of Lanshan County Public Security Bureau quickly cracked a credit card fraud case , A criminal suspect was arrested , Recover the loss for the victim 20000 element . In the face of lost and recovered money , The injured people repeatedly thanked , I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the public security organ for quickly solving the case and recovering its economic losses in time .

In recent days, , Chen, a resident of tafeng Town, Lanshan County, called the police : Its in the bank ATM After withdrawing money from the machine, leave your bank card in the ATM , Then it was found that the balance in the bank card was less 20000 element , May have been stolen .

After receiving the alarm , The police handling the case quickly transferred the bank involved ATM The surveillance video of the plane on that day . After research and Analysis , Chen's card 20000 Yuan was taken away by a middle-aged woman in tafeng Town, Lanshan County , Through investigation visits and further investigations , Successfully lock the real identity of the suspect .8 month 23 The morning of , With the strong support of Chengbei police station, the Economic Investigation Brigade , Successfully captured the suspect Cheng .

After trial , Cheng confessed to his crime of illegally withdrawing money with another person's bank card . According to Cheng's confession , That day she was going to the bank to withdraw money , When inserting the card, I found that the previous person forgot to take his bank card , Out of greed for small and cheap, he took it with someone else's bank card 20000 element . at present , Cheng has been taken criminal coercive measures by Lanshan County Public Security Bureau according to law , And returned all the illegal gains .

Police alert , It is an illegal crime to illegally withdraw money by using another person's bank card , Don't make a big mistake because of greed .

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