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The 48th executive meeting of Jiangyong County government was held

2021-08-28 00:19:23 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Liu Tingting )8 month 20 Japan , Deputy Secretary of Jiangyong County Party committee 、 He Debo, acting county magistrate, presided over the third meeting of the county government 48 The executive meeting . County Leader Wu Shuangfei 、 He Kaiyin 、 He Aiguang 、 Li Hong 、 Zhou Renwen 、 Chen Xiaoming 、 Gao Houde 、 Chen Jiangping 、 Jiang Jianping 、 Jiang Lijun 、 Tang Shuzhong 、 Xie Mingyao 、 Du China 、 Yuan Jiangrong 、 Chen Dongjun attended the meeting , He miancai was specially invited to attend the meeting .

The meeting learned 7 month 30 The spirit of the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee in Japan 、 To study the 《 About conscientiously implementing 〈 The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on strengthening the supervision of ‘ head ’ And the supervision of the leading group 〉 The notice of 》、 To study the 《 Regulations of the Communist Party of China on request for instructions and reports on major issues 》; It conveyed the rectification of the problems of the central ecological and environmental protection inspector of the whole city and the key battle of pollution prevention and control “ Summer offensive ” Promote the spirit of the meeting , Study the implementation opinions of Jiangyong County ; Listened to the report on the special rectification work of checking and establishing accounts for state-owned assets and standardizing management ; Reviewed 《 Implementation plan of Jiangyong County on strengthening and promoting the construction of ecological corridor 》; It conveyed the fourth centralized commencement and signing activity of major projects in the city and the construction and implementation of industrial projects “ Five good ” Create the site of the park and promote the spirit of the meeting , Study the implementation opinions of Jiangyong County , Consideration 《 About creating “ Five good ” The implementation plan of the park to promote the high-quality development of the park in the new development stage 》; Consideration 《 Jiangyong County industrial concentration area “ When we get the land, we start work ” Reform implementation plan 》; Heard about “ The pipes suit ” Reform and “ One thing at a time ” Work report .

He Debo's requirements , We should improve our ideological understanding , Give play to learning effectiveness ; Focus on established matters , Make every effort to implement ; We should strengthen supervision and accountability , Compaction related responsibilities , We will spare no effort to push all our work to a higher level , Help the county's high-quality economic and social development .

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