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All scenic spots in Jiangyong County have been reopened in an orderly manner

2021-08-28 00:23:34 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Feng Liu Jiang Jian ) In recent days, , Jiangyong County issued a notice on gradually resuming the business of the scenic spot , On the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control measures , Each scenic spot is designed according to “ limited 、 make an appointment 、 Staggering peak ” requirement , Strictly control the upper limit of tourist reception .

Li Pei, a staff member of daboshui scenic spot, said , Daboshui scenic spot starts from 8 month 16 Business officially resumed on the th , By taking an appointment 、 Current limiting , Ensure that the maximum tourist reception capacity of the scenic spot does not exceed 50%. In the garden ( The scenic spot ) In terms of the situation , Strictly implement the requirements for epidemic prevention and control , Check the tourist's trip code 、 Health code 、 And vaccination , And take temperature measurement and relevant registration . meanwhile , Regularly disinfect public places in the scenic spot every day , Ensure the safety of tourists in the scenic spot .

Early autumn , The sun is shining , The climate is pleasant , At the ticket counter of Qianjiadong daboshui scenic spot , Tourists wear masks , One meter apart , Consciously show the health code , Enter the scenic spot orderly after receiving the staff's temperature measurement .

meanwhile , Shanggantang 、 Women's Bookstore 、 GouLan yaozhai and other scenic spots have also been reopened , And strictly follow the prevention and control requirements , All tourists entering the scenic spot must undergo temperature detection and wear masks throughout the process , The scenic spot limits the number of tourists 、 Enter by time .

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