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Who is the more suitable multi-functional family car for family men? Buick gl6 vs Geely Jiaji

2021-08-28 00:30:47 Oriental Information automobile

What kind of household MPV Suitable for Chinese consumers ? The market has answered this question 20 year , But until now, there is no answer that can satisfy everyone . This year, the opening of the three child policy set off a product boom , This problem is brought to the stage again . Buick with medium-term change GL6 It's one of them .

It depends on “ Big 6 seat ” The concept has entered the multi-functional family car market , With the power of comprehensive upgrading 、 Technology 、 Driving experience , Quickly become a in the market “ Dark horse ”. Of course , The buick GL6 Within the price range of , There are also many domestic MPV The model wants to match “ wrist wrestling ”.

For example, Jiaji produced by the independent brother Geely , It's with GL6 The same as the main family 6 seat MPV models , The prices of the two also overlap to a certain extent , It will inevitably let consumers make a choice between them . therefore , We might as well start from the ride experience 、 Configure performance 、 Make a comprehensive comparison in terms of power level , See which of the two models is more suitable to be a family man , Or the preferred model for home users ?

The size difference is not big , See details below

As a family oriented MPV models , Whether the space is practical , It's obviously the top priority . And want to enjoy the scenery all the way , The comfort of driving must also keep up with .

First of all, from the size of the two cars , Geely Jiaji and Buick GL6 There is not much difference , The former is slightly ahead , But in the actual interior space performance , The two cars are not equal .

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