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Test drive the second generation cs55plus: enjoy a full set of black technology without cash capability

2021-08-28 00:30:52 Oriental Information automobile

Before the test drive , I'm interested in the second generation changan CS55PLUS The expectations of the , Just a cost-effective home SUV. Never in my wildest dreams , The budget price of this machine is only 10.69-12.19 Ten thousand yuan of domestic SUV, The configuration of intelligent technology is so rich . It's no exaggeration to say , Compare it with the current 300, 400, 000 BBA The comparison , And not at all . The second one didn't expect , It's the replacement speed of new cars , From the first generation to the second generation ,CS55PLUS It took only two years . So anxious to launch a new model , Is it to create marketing gimmicks , Fooling consumers ? Or under the pressure of sales , Rush to new ?

After the test drive , Second generation CS55PLUS The full picture of our products is displayed in front of me ; And doubts about its fast iteration , The author also found the answer . The appearance of the new car is really amazing to me ! Design is the best translator of the brand , In a sense , The performance of the interior and exterior decoration determines whether the car can “ An instant hit ”. As for whether it is used as expected , It determines how far this car can go . So beauty is very important , It determines whether consumers are interested in understanding the car . First meet the second generation of Chang'an CS55PLUS, It's easy to associate it with UNI Series of models , At least in terms of appearance , They are very sci-fi . actually , The second generation Chang'an CS55PLUS A new family design , It looks more refined , The front face of the new car adopts high gloss gradient open grille , From the parametric design method of Architectural Design , Rich in layers , Dynamic ; The overall shape and movement of the car body 、 Lie low ,LED headlamps 、 The tail lamps are designed with ring elements , While ensuring beauty , The luminous rate of the whole vehicle is improved 30%, It gives people a sense of starship like future .

The body side , The second generation Chang'an CS55PLUS Match with red trim , Makes the body look not monotonous , The tail shape is regular , But the new transparent tail lamp set design , It adds a bit of personality to the new car . As for size , The second generation Chang'an CS55PLUS The length, width and height are respectively 4515/1865/1680mm, The wheelbase is 2656mm, Standard compact SUV figure , It also basically meets the travel needs of most families .

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