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Rendering of Hyundai Santa Cruz SUV Yan value super Tucson / three row seat layout

2021-08-28 00:35:32 Yiche original

Easy car - recently , Overseas media exposed a group of modern Santa Cruz SUV Version of the rendering . modern Santa Cruz Locate the pickup truck model ,SUV This version maintains the design of the pickup truck in the front face , However, the hardtop car replaces the open trunk design , At the same time, three rows of seats are provided in the car , To meet the needs of many people .

In terms of shape , modern Santa Cruz The front face of the is the same design as that of Hyundai Shengda , The lighting system is integrated with the wide front grille , The sense of design and recognition are excellent . Side lines , The wheel arch and waist line of the new car have a certain sense of muscle , Above the rear windscreen , For aerodynamic reasons , It also comes with a small spoiler .

It is reported that ,SUV The version will maintain the original vehicle length and wheelbase , At the same time, increase the opening and closing angle of the rear door , To facilitate passengers to enter the second 、 Three row seats .

motivation , modern Santa Cruz Carrying 2.5L The engine , Maximum engine power 142kW, Maximum torque 244N·m, And what matches that is 8 Speed automatic transmission , It adopts the form of front wheel drive . Besides , The new car also offers 2.5T Engines are available , Maximum engine power 205kW, Maximum torque 420N·m, And what matches that is 8 Fast double clutch gearbox , And matching 4WD system .

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