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Recommended Volkswagen car with standard tire pressure monitoring and fuel consumption of 5.8l

2021-08-28 00:52:22 Oriental Information automobile

A good Volkswagen car worthy of recommendation , Standard tire pressure monitoring , Fuel consumption 5.8L In today's auto market , When buying a car, consumers pay great attention to the cost performance of the car , Therefore, in order to gain a firm foothold in the market , Also constantly adjust the price of their own models , Today, the author will bring you a good Volkswagen car suitable for home , It is Volkswagen Bora , This car is equipped with tire pressure monitoring as standard , Fuel consumption 5.8L, The strength shown can not be underestimated .

In appearance , Volkswagen Bora's design style is very stable , The size of the air inlet grille is not very large , And it is well integrated with the headlamp group , With the concave convex lower surrounding design , Can bring the visual effect of horizontal stretching , The ribs protruding above the hood are also very three-dimensional , Make people look particularly eye-catching , In terms of lighting configuration , VW Bora also has advantages , All standard LED High and low beam lamps and LED Daytime running light , After lighting, it has high light transmittance .

From the side , Volkswagen Bora's design is relatively simple , A waistline runs from the front to the rear , Can create a ready posture , And from the whole body size , The length, width and height of this car are respectively 4663×1815×1462 mm , The wheelbase is 2688 mm , As a compact car , Such data is still very advantageous , And the interior seating space is more spacious .

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