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In principle, college students are not allowed to return to school in advance without approval, and the primary and secondary school campuses are subject to relatively closed management

2021-08-28 00:57:06 Beijing daily client

In order to orderly promote the opening of the autumn semester , Combined with the recent national epidemic situation and the characteristics of infectious disease prevention and control in autumn and winter in schools , The National Health Commission and the Ministry of Education recently printed and distributed the 、 Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control technology plan for primary school and nurseries ( The Fourth Edition ). The new version of the plan adheres to people 、 matter 、 Environmental co prevention and multi disease co prevention , according to “ Strict and tight ” principle , Requirements for school personnel to return to school 、 School gate management 、 Employee management 、 Emergency response mechanism and other prevention and control measures have been adjusted .

The new plan requires the school to master before teachers, students and employees return to school 14 Day's health and itinerary information , Teachers, students and staff of colleges and universities need to hold 48 Within hours, the nucleic acid test was negative , Take personal protective measures on the way , After arriving at the school, nucleic acid detection can be carried out in batches according to local prevention and control requirements . Before the University officially determines and notifies the opening time , In principle, students are not allowed to return to school in advance without approval . Those who really need to go back to school , The approval procedure shall be performed . Have you left the country in summer 、 Teachers, students and staff of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens who have been to medium and high-risk areas or other abnormal situations , Required before returning to school 48 Within hours, the nucleic acid test was negative .

The new scheme strengthens the verification of admission personnel 、 Registration and management , Teachers, students and staff shall strictly carry out identity verification and temperature detection when entering the school , Outsiders also need to check the health code 、 Itinerary card , Make information registration . Primary and secondary schools should fully control all access to and from the campus , Implement relatively closed campus management , Be responsible for it 、 Reasonable regional division 、 Personnel registration and investigation records are complete . No extramural personnel are allowed to enter the school . Colleges and universities should reasonably set up express delivery points , We will strengthen the verification of delivery and delivery personnel 、 Registration and management ( Including name, 、 Company 、 Visiting departments and personnel 、 Vehicle number, etc ), Strengthen cold chain food packaging 、 Preventive disinfection of Postal Express .

Combined with the recent epidemic prevention and control requirements of key units and key populations , The new version of the program is about campus management before and after school 、 Environmental remediation 、 Put forward strengthening measures and requirements for food and drinking water safety and preventive disinfection . Colleges and universities should deal with classroom 、 laboratory 、 canteen 、 dormitory 、 The library 、 Public toilets and other places shall be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected 、 Ventilation 、 rubbish . Primary and secondary schools should check the safety of food raw materials in school canteens , Conduct a comprehensive health examination for canteen staff before school starts , Work with certificate .

The new plan also proposes to strengthen the management of school staff , Strengthen protective measures , Make it clear that the service personnel on campus should wear medical surgical masks or masks with higher protection levels throughout their work , Do a good job in hand hygiene . We should reasonably control the personnel density according to the campus situation , Strictly control gathering activities . among , Colleges and universities should strengthen dormitory management , Students are not allowed to enter the dormitory , Arrange a special person to be responsible for the hygiene management and inspection of the dormitory , Guide students not to gather in the dormitory area 、 No door to door . Teachers in kindergartens 、 The nurse should be relatively fixed , Reduce flow overlap between different groups . According to the epidemic situation 、 National and territorial epidemic prevention and control policies , Strictly control and carry out children's gathering activities , Do not organize large-scale gathering activities .

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