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Big move! The name of tank 600 is changed to tank 500. You wait for the first start of Chengdu auto show?

2021-08-28 01:07:18 Oriental Information automobile

If you put all the brands in the rim together , Dare to say that it will give more products than Great Wall Motors “ The name ” Of , At least I've found no one who can play . see , Great Wall Motors started again “ Whole work ” 了 , After a weekend, I immediately repent , Take back the previous tanks 600 The name of , Subtract 100 after , The name of the second mass production model of the tank brand has officially changed to tank 500, I believe this “ Operation ” It can definitely be selected as the annual reward for confused behavior of automobile enterprises .

Why did you change your name ? After the ridicule , We analyze the reasons for this name change . Actually ,8 month 20 Friday night , The tank brand is officially approved APP The foreshadowing was already laid when the real pictures of the new car were released , The title is “ A new model of tank is about to appear ”, There is no tank in the picture and text 600 word . Even so , Also played with all the car editors , Me too . But after seeing the latest version of the real car map , I even suspect tanks 500 I'm shooting “ Make up and take photos ” when , The photographer prepared two license plates ( tanks 、 tanks 500). According to conventional practice, the model name of mass-produced models has been determined before the release of new cars , But this time the tank brand did the opposite , Some intriguing .

The official information is only two paragraphs about tanks 500 Repeat the car name , But there's something in it “ a style of writing in which sublime words with deep meaning are used ” It's really hard for Xiaobian to understand in place , We can only explore the real reason for the name change at the Chengdu auto show ~

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