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Beijing issued a blue rainstorm warning! These places have been thundering

2021-08-28 01:11:53 Beijing daily client

Beijing issued a blue rainstorm warning :

It is expected to arrive at 24 Japan 02 when , East of Mentougou 、 South of Huairou 、 Eastern Changping 、 Miyun 、 East of Fangshan 、 Dongcheng 、 Westlife 、 Daxing 、 Pinggu 、 Tongzhou 、 Shunyi 、 haidian 、 fengtai 、 The rising sun 、 Shijingshan 、 There will be hourly rain intensity in Yanqing and other regional localities 30 to 50 Mm of heavy rainfall , The accumulated rainfall can reach 50 to 80 mm . There are middle and small river floods induced by heavy rainfall in mountainous and shallow mountain areas 、 Mountain torrent 、 The risk of secondary disasters such as geological disasters , Low lying urban areas are prone to ponding , Please take precautions .

Be careful ! There is a small echo excitation in the urban area of Beijing , The overall trend is to strengthen . Xiao Bian just said : Hurry home , Don't stay out !

8-19 At that time, the maximum precipitation in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei occurred in Beiwei Township, Langfang, Hebei Province , by 43.1 mm , The maximum wind speed appears at Zhangjiakou station , by 27 rice / second (10 level ); The largest precipitation in Beijing occurs in Tongzhou naoniying , by 6.8 mm . The wind and rain are coming , Still outside, you hurry to go home !

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