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BMW M3 vs Alpha Romeo Giulia clover, who is the king of control?

2021-08-28 01:16:59 Oriental Information automobile

Mention BMW , It can be said that no one knows at home and abroad , No matter which BMW series , They're all in the spotlight , BMW with its excellent performance 、 Superior quality has started its own brand , Famous at home and abroad . Since ancient times, China has had “ BMW with heroes ” Such a saying , Maybe it has something to do with this sentence , BMW is undoubtedly a good car worth buying in China , In addition, BMW's new generation spokesman in China is Yiguan Qianxi , It has attracted many young people to pay for it .

Today's BMW has become more and more comfortable , Especially BMW, which used to be good at handling 3 system , Also become more comfortable . So BMW M3 It has become the only BMW that still retains high handling 3 system .

But Alfa Romeo is different , Maybe many people don't know about this brand . Mention Romeo , People's first impression must be the beautiful young man in Shakespeare's famous plays . And when this romantic name and passionate sports car , And “ Cannibal dragon and snake ” When the signs are linked , You can imagine the complex feelings of Italians for it .1910 year , When alpha was founded , The founder combined the cross emblem of Milan with the dragon and snake pattern of the viscanti family , A different kind of car industry was born .

What Xiaobian wants to discuss with you today is the two models of BMW and Alfa Romeo :2021 BMW M3 and 2020 Alfa Romeo clover (Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio)

First , Whether it's charming 2020 Alfa Romeo clover (Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio) Still fashionable 2021 BMW M3, It's all rear wheel drive , Longitudinal engine , Each car has a twin turbine six cylinder engine , Displacement approx 3.0 l . Alpha and BMW use the same eight speed automatic transmission , The output power is almost the same , Are slightly larger than 500 horsepower .

Secondly, in terms of price ,2021 BMW M3 The price of the low configuration version is 73795 dollar ( Renminbi equivalent 47.9 Ten thousand yuan ), and 2020 Alfa Romeo clover (Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio) The price of the basic version is 76095 dollar ( Renminbi equivalent 49.4 Ten thousand yuan ), And the price of versions in different countries is also different , The Italian version sells for 93945 dollar ( Renminbi equivalent 61 Ten thousand yuan ), Germany is as high as 97645 dollar ( Renminbi equivalent 63.4 Ten thousand yuan ). From a price perspective only , BMW M3 It's a lot cheaper .

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