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As a "digital car", how intelligent is ta| Power test drive · Skoda new sharp Pro

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In maintaining “ De Wei ” While driving , Intelligent equipment makes it more playable .

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Your impression of Skoda , What does it look like ?……

Perhaps in the eyes of most people , Will feel that its models are stable 、 Known for its introversion and texture . however , With the new sharp PRO The arrival of the , It has finally overturned people's inherent impression of Skoda brand .


As a star product of Skoda , Mingrui is the best-selling model in its whole series —— Up to now , Its cumulative sales in China have exceeded 140 Thousands of cars . With the renewal of the fourth generation of Mingrui , Skoda has also given it more leading equipment , Greatly improve its product power .

“ Digital cockpit ”: What does it mean ?

Open the official website of SAIC Volkswagen Skoda , You will see the manufacturer's response to the brand-new Mingrui PRO The interpretation of :“ Digital German intelligent sedan ”; The media is more direct , Call it “ Digital cockpit ”.

Call it anyway , You can see “ Numbers ” The weight of two words in it —— In other words ,“ Digitization ” New sharp PRO, It will be completely different from your impression of Skoda .


At the appearance level , New Mingrui PRO The overall design of has not changed much ; But due to the adjustment of lines and details , Give Way “ Sense of movement ” The word is finally fully reflected in the model of Mingrui .

Why do you say that? ?…… Think back to that “ No one is afraid of ” Bright and sharp RS—— Although you know it's fast 、 I also know it's fast , But only in terms of appearance , I really can't see that it should be a “ Steel cannon ”.

however , Today's sharp PRO It's totally different . younger 、 Sporty design , It meets the aesthetic standards of young people in this era ; As for the inherited hatchback trunk , Not only continues its classic shape , Also become the finishing touch .


In addition to the appearance design of car running style , The most subversive cognition is after opening the door . be based on MQB EVO The new sharp of the platform PRO, The upgrade in interior design and intelligent configuration is amazing enough .

such as , Made of large area leather + The center console is composed of soft covers made of stitched fabric , Dominated by horizontal penetration lines , Widen the cockpit visually , And show a strong texture ; meanwhile , Volkswagen's latest steering wheel 、 porsche 911 The same type of paddle type electronic stopper and other elements are in Mingrui PRO It didn't fall , Even the electronic gear handle has been replaced with a full sense of Technology “ Little paddle ”.


Of course , The most eye-catching is the huge size 、 But not at all “ Dazzling ” The central control screen , And a full LCD dashboard . Among them , Large central control screen UI The design is obvious “ID turn ”( The public ID Series of new energy models ), Regardless of the sense of Technology 、 Or operational fluency , It has a first-class performance among the models of joint venture brands at the same level .

Especially the low position design of vertical large screen , It will not block the view of the driving , It can also be more convenient for the driver to operate ; As for the full LCD dashboard , More functions are added on the basis of clear display , It can not only switch the display content with one key , Such as navigation map 、 Important information such as driving data , It can also be directly reflected in the place that the driver can see at a glance .


however , bright and sharp PRO It seems that this is still not enough , You must also be good at configuration “ performance ” Once . At the price of 15 Take the top model of about 10000 yuan as an example , Already equipped with HUD Looked up and show 、 Seat ventilation 、 Electric tail gate 、 Automatic parking 、 The automatic air conditioning 、 Adaptive cruise 、 Lane Keeping Assist …… Almost all the configurations you can think of .


before this , Such advanced interior texture 、 Rich configuration 、 And... Composed of intelligent systems “ Digital cockpit ”, For joint venture brands , Often need 20 Only models with more than 10000 yuan can realize ; Now? , New Mingrui PRO Put the price “ hit ” Came down —— Give Way “ Digitization ” It's no longer a high attitude , It's technology at hand .

Maybe , Buy a high configuration at a low price , It's a new sharp PRO“ Digital cockpit ” The greatest significance of .

Drive : comfortable , Give consideration to sports details

If you want to explain the presentation of comfort and sportiness on the chassis in the simplest way , Is probably “ soft ” and “ hard ”.


So compared with Japanese models , A new sharp with pure Zhengde lineage PRO, Obviously more “ hard ” One o'clock —— In other words , It's more sporty . But in addition to the hardness brought by the German heritage , This new car with stronger family sedan attributes obviously has a certain inclination in terms of comfort .

such as , It has enough support to make steering easy 、 accurate ; After differentiated chassis adjustment , When passing through the deceleration belt, which is a common situation of urban pavement , It can also minimize the vibration transmitted to the car —— in my opinion , This feeling is “ soft ”、“ hard ” There's a balance between , Not contradictory 、 Take care of each other .

As for motivation , New Mingrui PRO Pick up the 1.4TSI The engine +7 speed DSG The transmission set “ Golden power combination ”, We are already very familiar with “ Old Buck ” 了 . Its maximum power is 110kw、 The maximum torque is 250N·m, Enough to bring good power performance ; Combined with DSG Transmission efficiency 、 Quick response , Not only can you freely deal with the urban roads in daily life 、 A variety of power requirements for expressways , It can also take into account fuel consumption and economy .


More Than This ,“ Digital cockpit ” Its functionality also extends to the driving level . On that large central control screen , You can select... In combination with entity keys 4 Different driving modes —— economic 、 standard 、 Sports and customization . From the test drive experience of the author , The two modes of economy and standard have little difference in driving experience ; If you drive for a long time , There may be a difference in fuel consumption .

however , Once you switch to sports mode , The accelerator under your feet tightens 、 The steering wheel on your hand becomes heavy , Almost “ Changed a car ” The feeling of , Let the driver also involuntarily tighten up . Although due to the limitation of displacement , This kind of 1.4T The engine can't bring you much “ Push your back ”; but 8 Seconds or so “ Zero ” achievement , It's enough to be on urban roads “ See the car overtake ”.


Overall speaking , New Mingrui PRO The driving experience is still the most familiar “ De Wei ”; meanwhile , Because of the blessing of intelligent equipment , Let it have a higher playability .

【 The car power said 】 If you put the new sharp PRO Your logo covers , You probably don't think it's a Skoda , This is it. “ Solidify the impression ” Caused by . however , If you still turn a blind eye to its obvious progress , I'm afraid we have to find the reason from ourselves .


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