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When the owners of the first batch of new energy vehicles change batteries, they hear the price: it's better to add some money to buy a new car!

2021-08-28 01:29:07 Oriental Information automobile

A few years ago , In order to protect the domestic Ecology , Encourage the development of domestic new energy vehicle market , Make just a few years , New energy vehicles of various brands have emerged in the domestic market . New energy vehicles focus on green environmental protection , This kind of car doesn't need to use oil resources , You can drive on the road just by charging , The tail gas is almost 0, It will not cause any pollution to the environment , And the noise of this new energy vehicle is relatively low , High comfort , Very suitable for daily household .

Whether from the national environment or energy strategy , New energy vehicles can undoubtedly bring many advantages , In addition, oil is a non renewable resource , If the development of science and technology has been around oil , Then one day , Technology may not continue to develop . So the country is 2016 Vigorously promote the development of new energy vehicles in , During that time ,20 The maximum subsidy for new energy vehicles with more than 10000 yuan can reach 10 ten thousand , in other words , You go 4S Pick up one at the store 20 Million new energy vehicles , Including licensing, a total of only 10 All around . So there were not a few people who bought new energy vehicles at that time .

Many friends felt very good after starting , First, don't worry about updating the exhaust policy , Two charge and you can run . But five years later , The shortcomings of new energy vehicles are also slowly revealed . As new energy vehicles are still in their infancy , This technology is still being explored , Power and endurance are undoubtedly the biggest problems .

According to the dictation of friends who bought new energy vehicles , When I first started new energy vehicles , One charge is enough for a few days , But then the battery became less and less durable , Up to now, I have been afraid to drive new energy vehicles out , I'm afraid there's no electricity on the way .

This friend is going too 4S The store asked about the treatment , But the clerk said that in this case, you can only change the battery , And the price of a new battery is about 50000 . Hear the number , This friend also gave up on the spot , The car was bought with a subsidy , It cost more than 100000 , Now spend 50000 for a battery , It must be what you think and how you lose , No wonder he said directly when asked to change : Why don't you spend some money on a new car .

With the continuous improvement of people's life , I believe everyone will pay attention to environmental issues in the future , Therefore, new energy vehicles must be the general trend , However, at present, the relevant technology is still insufficient , What do you think about the endurance of new energy vehicles ?

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