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Tank 600 was officially renamed and tank 500 was unveiled at Chengdu auto show

2021-08-28 01:30:42 Aika new car Express

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Tank brand recently announced , Will be in 8 month 29 A brand new at the Chengdu auto show on the th SUV tanks 600 Officially renamed tank 500. New car positioning medium and large business luxury SUV, Based on tank platform , Adopt non load bearing body structure . motivation , The new car will be equipped with the latest 3.0T+9AT powertrain .

It can also be seen from the positioning , tanks 500 It is a combination of luxury and off-road SUV models . Specific design aspects , The sturdy multi banner grille is matched with the strong and domineering headlamp group , Make the front face look delicate without losing the off-road flavor . Besides , The protruding ribs on the engine cover and the thick front bumper further confirm its hardiness SUV The nature of .

Side view , tanks 500 Not too many lines , But the simple design method just sets off a good luxurious atmosphere . Besides , We see that the new car has a high ground clearance , Ensure its strong trafficability . In the tail , The new car uses an external spare tire , It is also equipped with a roof spoiler , The tail lamp group adopts hard style SUV Consistent vertical layout .

motivation , tanks 500 It will be equipped with... Independently developed by Great Wall Motors 3.0T+9AT New powertrain , among 3.0T The maximum power of the engine has reached 260kW(354 horsepower ), Maximum torque 500Nm. Besides , The engine is also equipped with 48V Light mixed system , Further improve the fuel economy . Gearbox , And 3.0T The engine matches 9AT.

Edit comment on : As the second product of tank brand , tanks 500 Positioning a medium and large business luxury SUV, Undertake the mission of continuous improvement of tank brand . And here's the interesting thing , tanks 600 Renamed tank 500 after , tanks 600 Your life experience is even more imaginative .

tanks 600 Officially renamed tank 500

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