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Geely boyue x will be unveiled at Chengdu auto show. The design is tough and atmospheric. It is expected to be popular?

2021-08-28 01:30:55 Youshi automobile

The last few years , Geely as our domestic auto brand , It can be said that it was in the limelight , Continuously develop and layout their own models , It has won high praise from many Chinese people , Coupled with the improvement of quality and the people-friendly price , It once became the preferred brand for many friends to buy cars . In recent days, , Geely officially announced , The new model of boyue family is named : Bo Yue X, New car will be on the 8 month 29 It was officially unveiled at Chengdu auto show on the th , For its emergence , What surprises will it bring us ? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it .

First of all, in terms of modeling design , Bo Yue X It adopts a new design language , The exaggerated air intake grille in front of you , Very visual impact , And the interior was blackened , Plus the sharp headlights on both sides , And the hard lines on the hood , So as to give people a strong and atmospheric visual feeling . It is worth mentioning that , The new car will also offer a variety of rim styles , In order to meet the aesthetic needs of different friends . For such a selfie online SUV models , I believe many young friends will feel excited .

The side body lines are very smooth and slender , The strong waistline runs through the rear of the car , It looks very modern with a sense of power , It also adopts the popular suspended roof design , Add the multi frame wheel hub shape below , So as to give people a visual feeling full of motion . As for the rear part , The slender chrome plated trim strip is perfectly connected with the tail lights on both sides , Upper letter identification , It's very advanced , Plus the double side single out exhaust layout with chrome plated decoration below , So as to further improve the overall sense of movement .

motivation , Bo Yue X It is expected to carry one 1.8T Turbocharged engine , Transmission in , And what matches that is 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , Maximum power is 135 kw , Peak torque is 300 cattle · rice . In general , Every aspect of the new car looks pretty good , Official listing in the future , As long as the price is close to the people , I believe it will win the pursuit and favor of many Chinese people , What do you think is the starting price of a new car ? Welcome to communicate and discuss below .

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