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Latest news! The merger of Yima and Changma is imminent, and the 4S store may sell new cars of two brands at the same time in September

2021-08-28 01:31:00 Youshi automobile

Speaking of Mazda , Consumers call it “ Egl BMW ”, In China for so many years , Whether it's the old horse 6, Or today's ATZ 、 Oncella , Mazda's cars have always been deeply attracting consumers with excellent handling performance . therefore , Many people have also expressed : I'm glad I can buy a model like Mazda in China , Although Mazda's car is not cheap , But there's no need to say . thus , Mazda has become the heart of many people who hold money to buy “ White moonlight ”.

The picture shows an old horse 6

As early as the beginning of this year , About the two Mazda in China ( FAW Mazda and Chang'an Mazda ) The news that car companies announced to merge was revealed . At that time, FAW Mazda officially issued a unilateral statement saying “ No matter ” And for the time being , But according to the information disclosed by insiders , About “ A horse ” And “ Long horse ” The merger is not groundless . therefore , For a time, there was a lot of heated discussion about the merger of Yima and Changma , Some users who want to buy Yima's models are afraid to start new models .

And just recently , Things have finally made new progress . recently , Changan Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd. submitted to the antitrust bureau of the State Administration of market supervision 《 Case of Chang'an Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd. acquiring the equity of FAW Mazda Automobile Sales Co., Ltd 》 Application for , It is expected that after the completion of the proposed equity transaction , FAW Mazda will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chang'an Mazda . The following is the transaction of Chang'an Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd. acquiring the equity of FAW Mazda Automobile Sales Co., Ltd , Let's have a look at .

According to the transaction , Changan Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd 、 Mazda Motor Co., Ltd 、 China First Automobile Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Chang'an Automobile Co., Ltd. will sign 《 Capital and share increase agreement 》 And a series of transaction documents . The transaction agreement also states that , Chang'an Mazda will “ equity ” and “ cash ” Acquisition of FAW Mazda Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. held by FAW Group and Mazda for consideration 100% Equity of . If the proposed transaction is completed , FAW Mazda will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chang'an Mazda .

Through this equity acquisition agreement, we can see , Changan Mazda's acquisition of FAW Mazda has entered a substantive stage , The rest depends on how the two sides integrate talents in terms of personnel and infrastructure . Besides , Through a FAW Mazda in Changsha 4S We also learned that , The shop 9 It is expected to sell FAW Mazda and Chang'an Mazda brand models at the same time in June , So the merger seems to be close at hand .

I believe many friends will want to ask here : Why are the two car companies clearly selling well , Why suddenly one party is going to buy the other ? Isn't it good to maintain the status quo ?

Actually , Changan Mazda acquires FAW Mazda 、 Integrate Mazda's domestic resources , For Mazda's overall layout and control in China , The advantages outweigh the disadvantages .

Need to know , stay 2020 year , The annual sales volume of FAW Mazda is only 7.9 Thousands of cars , And it's down... Year on year 14.78%. In this year 1-7 month , The sales volume of FAW Mazda is still only 3.64 Thousands of cars , It continued to decline year-on-year 22.6%.

At the model level , FAW Mazda now has only 2 The model is on sale , ATZ and CX-4. stay 7 month , ATZ sells only 1558 car ,CX-4 There is only a 1909 car , The sales performance of both models can be said to be unsatisfactory .

In contrast, Chang'an Mazda , Its models not only have the next generation of oncella 3、CX-5、CX-30、CX-8 As many as four models , In terms of sales performance, it is also better than FAW Mazda's models .

Like Mazda 3 Oncella , Only in 7 I handed over a copy in June 6705 Sales report card of vehicles , This year, 1-7 In January, it also sold nearly 4.8 Ten thousand new cars , The overall performance is also a thriving scene .

as for CX-5, although 7 Month sales and CX-4 Basically all belong to “ Fellow sufferers ”, Also only sold 1950 A new car , but CX-5 After all, it is more suitable for home SUV models . therefore , In the long run ,CX-5 It will be more in line with the car purchase needs of Chinese consumers .

therefore , FAW Mazda merged with Chang'an Mazda , For FAW Group , In fact, it has unloaded a heavy burden . For the entire Mazda brand , It can also better control and realize orderly sales in the domestic market .

Last , The merger of the two joint ventures , In our opinion, it will enrich the models on sale of the two dealers . Previously, only ATZ and CX-4 A horse dealer , Now you can also sell Mazda 3 Anksila and CX-5 as well as CX-8 The models . And Chang'an Mazda can also combine ATZ and CX-4 As a new sales force , The two companies merged , Make sure you have me 、 I have you. , On the bright side, it doesn't seem like a bad thing .

in addition , Through the integration of sales channels , Mazda's overall competitiveness in China will also become stronger , This is for Mazda brand and the majority of horse fans , Undoubtedly, I would like to see more .

in general , If Yima and Chang'an really complete the merger , It's not bad for our consumers . Those who want to buy Mazda's models can still buy , And it's more convenient . The owner of a carriage is worried that there is no room for the subsequent maintenance of the car, and he is completely worried , After all , When the two companies really merge , Whether you're going to grow a horse or a horse , It can do maintenance for you , So it really has little impact on our car owners . General statement , It is estimated that the merger of Yima and Changma is a certainty , Next , Let's wait for both sides to officially announce the final results .( writing / ATV Da Zhuo )

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