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Kia Jiahua's strong attack, young shape and luxurious interior are about to open pre-sale

2021-08-28 01:31:03 Youshi automobile

In our current domestic market ,MPV Models are becoming more and more popular , If time goes back 20 year , It's estimated that many friends can't think of it , one day MPV The car will be so hot , Due to the development of this trend , Many car companies have also invested in it . In recent days, , Kia Jiahua officially unveiled , The new car will be officially opened for pre-sale at the upcoming Chengdu auto show , For its arrival , It is bound to become Buick GL8 The strongest opponent , Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it .

As a medium and large-scale MPV, The new fourth generation Jiahua is based on the third generation i-GMP Platform to build , First of all, in terms of modeling design , Our new domestic Kia jiahuayan is basically consistent with the overseas models , And also replaced the brand-new logo LOGO, Large air intake grille on the front face , Plus... On both sides LED Headlamp group of light source , And the front bumper decorated with Silver Chrome , So it looks very young and dynamic . For such a design style , Xiaobian believes that it basically caters to the aesthetics of most Chinese people , Not at all MPV models .

The new car also has nearly 5 rice 2 The length of the car and more than 3 Meter wheelbase , For such body data performance , It can be said to be very outstanding , therefore , Space will naturally have a good performance , also , The new car will also provide 7/8 Seat model is optional , So as to meet the car purchase needs of different groups . As for interior decoration , Kia Jiahua looks very solid in materials , It also adopts the popular dual screen design , It looks very advanced , It also supports voice control 、 Mobile Internet 、 Bluetooth key, vehicle remote start and other rich functions , Large area soft material package , Add the decorative panel of imitation wood grain and the ornament of chrome plated trim strip , So that it looks very comfortable and luxurious as a whole .

motivation , Kia Jiahua will carry one 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Transmission in , And what matches that is 8 Self - contained gearbox , And also provide 4 Two driving modes are optional . In general , New cars, whether it's styling, interior design, atmosphere , Or power performance , Not at all MPV models , In terms of price , At present, cash Buick GL8 The selling price is :23.29 Ten thousand yuan , As a reference , The estimated starting price of Kia Jiahua is 25 All around , If so , You think it will become MPV In the field of “ Popular models ” Do you ? Welcome to communicate and discuss .

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