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smoking gun FAW Mazda will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chang'an Mazda

2021-08-28 01:33:30 Youshi automobile

In recent days, , According to the official information of the Anti Monopoly Bureau of the State Administration of market supervision , Changan Mazda has submitted an application to relevant departments , Acquire FAW Mazda and become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chang'an Mazda . The merger of North and South Mazda has been realized .

The contents in the publicity form show , Changan Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd (“ Chang'an Mazda ”)、 Mazda Motor Co., Ltd (“ Mazda ”)、 China First Automobile Co., Ltd (“ FAW Group ”) Chongqing Chang'an Automobile Co., Ltd (“ Changan automobile ”) signed 《 Capital and share increase agreement 》 And a series of transaction documents . Pursuant to these transaction agreements , Changan Mazda will purchase FAW Mazda Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. held by FAW Group and Mazda for equity and cash (“ Faw Mazda ”)100% Equity of .(“ Faw Mazda ”).(“ The proposed deal ”)

After the merger with the two horses previously expected , FAW Mazda will no longer exist , FAW Mazda sales company will continue to exist as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chang'an Mazda . A relevant person from FAW Mazda disclosed , After the merger , FAW Mazda Sales Co., Ltd. will be in the transition period of merger , Take charge of the relevant work at the end of the life and after-sales of the existing models . The implication , The future of FAW Mazda will be in ATZ 、CX-4 Make a decision after the end of the model life cycle . And the integration of dealer channels of both sides , It is also expected that 8 At the end of the month , After the merger, it will be renamed “ Mazda ”.

After the acquisition, the staffing of FAW Mazda will also become very limited , Therefore, the existing FAW Mazda employees can stay in Changchun FAW Mazda except for a few posts , Some employees willing to move to Nanjing Chang'an Mazda will go to Nanjing , Most of the employees who have settled in Changchun will be transferred to the relevant departments of FAW Pentium and FAW red flag through competition . The demobilization and resettlement of personnel went on very quickly , An employee of FAW Mazda revealed , own 9 I'm going to report to red flag in January .

FAW Mazda was once a member of FAW Group “ Cash cow ”, The old employees of FAW Mazda have always felt superior in FAW Group , The future will be assigned to the red flag 、 Pentium these young people can “ Toss about ” The department in charge of the , Whether it can adapt to the new environment is unknown .

At present, the life of Chang'an Mazda is not easy , This year, 1-7 In January, the cumulative sales volume of Chang'an Mazda was 7.38 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 8.8%. Although the sales figures alone have increased , But look at the whole car market , This year, 1-7 In January, the overall sales volume of the domestic auto market reached 22.9% Year-on-year growth , Chang'an Mazda obviously failed to outperform the market .

This year, 7 In January, the sales volume of Chang'an Mazda also showed “ double ” Decline in .7 In January, the sales volume of Chang'an Mazda was 10025 car , fell 8.4%, Decline in chain ratio 5.3%.

One side , The shortage of chips has caused... In the whole automobile industry , Except for a few in the head , Other car companies have experienced varying degrees of sales decline . But on the other hand , Since this year, the preferential margin of Changan Mazda models in terminals has been increasing , Sales share 50% The responsible model of anksila , At present, the terminal discount has reached 2 Ten thousand yuan or so , The price of the entry-level model has fallen below 10 Ten thousand yuan .CX-30 Also have 1.3 10000 yuan terminal discount . And Mazda CX-5 And CX-8 The terminal discount has exceeded 5 Ten thousand yuan , Change the style of Chang'an Mazda that didn't offer much discount in the market in the past . You can see that , Changan Mazda relies on substantial price reduction in exchange for sales .

Because sales and profits have performed poorly for several consecutive years , So this year 6 The capital increase project disclosed by Chang'an Mazda in June , It is also interpreted by the industry as “ Chang'an Mazda wants to sell 5% To save the market ”. After the merger of Chang'an Mazda and FAW Mazda , In theory, it can certainly enrich the product line of Chang'an Mazda , By integrating channel resources , Form a joint force in marketing , But it is far from solving the problems faced by Mazda in the Chinese market . Mazda's overall product and marketing strategic positioning in China in the future , There is also a lack of heavyweights to lead and promote . Chang'an Mazda wants to “ they ”, The road is still long .( writing / ATV The old gun )

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