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338 party and government organs in Beijing have successfully established energy-saving organs

2021-08-28 01:33:42 Beijing daily client

Reporter Zi 8 month 23 On the morning of the th 2021 The launching ceremony of the national energy conservation publicity week of public institutions in , this city 338 Party and government organs have successfully created energy-saving organs , Among them, the municipal level 26 home 、 District level 312 home .

The establishment of energy-saving organs is one of the important contents of the establishment of green life advocated by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China .2020 year 6 month , The Municipal Bureau of organ affairs took the lead in printing and distributing 《 Action plan for the establishment of energy-saving organs in Beijing 》, Clear to 2022 end of the year ,85% Above municipal and 75% The above district level party and government organs meet the creation requirements . The creation content mainly includes strengthening target management 、 Improve the system 、 Promote green office 、 Implement domestic waste classification 、 Carry out publicity and education 、 Promote quality improvement and innovation . Create self built and self-rated work units 、 The competent department at the same level shall conduct on-site inspection 、 The superior competent department shall conduct spot check and review 、 The process of publicity and identification shall be carried out .“ Our city was established this year 2 The month is right 2020 The annual on-site verification of the municipal level creation units one by one and the on-site spot inspection of the district level creation units , And this year 5 In January, it accepted the spot check and evaluation of the State Administration of taxation ,338 All the organs passed . Activity created , The energy and resource conservation system of all units has been improved , The concept of green, energy saving and low carbon is more popular .” The relevant person in charge of the municipal organ Affairs Bureau said .

2021 The establishment of new year's day and appointment organs is being pushed forward in an intense and orderly manner . The relevant person in charge of the municipal organ affairs administration revealed ,“ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” period , We will take the establishment of energy-saving organs as the main line of energy and resource conservation and ecological environment protection of Party and government organs , Establish and improve the normalization mechanism 、 Long term mechanism , Steadily improve the quality and proportion of creation . Expect to 2025 end of the year , The completion rate of the establishment of district level organs will be determined by 75% Up to 80%. Create jobs through energy-saving organs , Continue to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction , Make due contributions to the realization of carbon neutrality in the city .

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